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Texas Tech Baseball: Where do we go from here?

Well, the title kind of says it all doesn’t it?

Today, we can confirm the likes of Gavin Kash and Owen Washburn joining Landon Stripling, Travis Sanders, Garet Boehm, and Gage Harrelson in the transfer portal, and, barring a miracle, putting an end to their respective careers in the Scarlet and Black. Most of the aforementioned names were serious contributors for the Red Raiders and will leave massive shoes to fill for this coaching staff.

The Red Raiders are coming off the worst season in the last 9 years, going 33-26 on the year, 22-7 at home, and a whopping 6-15 in true road games. Ouch. There have been rumblings over the past few weeks that we could see some serious names decide to leave the program, and I fear that if Kevin Bazzell does not get drafted as high as he hopes, his name might be joining this list sooner rather than later.

Which, while not unexpected, still feels like a gut punch combo with a stiff right hook to the jaw.

So, where does this program go? I believe this off-season is the most important one of the Tadlock era. A mass exodus of starters after a underperforming season spells trouble, and I think this staff will have to manage some areas of the new college sports era they might not be too comfortable with. With that being said, I do believe this staff has gotten EONS better in the portal..Cade McGee, Gavin Kash, Nolan Hester, Austin Green, and the list goes on. The portal activity is not as bad as one would have you believe, but I think the NIL era along with the portal is something this staff, which admittedly is a little more old school, is still getting used to.

Add on another caveat, what will this STAFF look like in a month, much less six months from now?

Lots of questions.

With all of the questions, us as fans are obviously anxious. Who wouldn’t be? This program has been a constant postseason representative for the last 7 or 8 years. That streak is gone, and while now in a sort of uncharted territory, the reflection seen in the mirror by this program isn’t exactly optimistic.

The main point that I would like to point out in all of the chaos is this: Your players entering the portal today, (Kash and Washburn) aren’t riding the pine. They are on the higher end of NIL money in the program, so you can’t offer that as an excuse either. If Bazzell doesn’t take the offer from his draft team…and then enters the portal, then we have bigger problems internally. Plain and simple. It could get worse before it gets better.

I really never thought I’d ever have to do a quick hitter on the state of this program, but here we are.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m worried. This program is at a crossroads.

Do I think Tim Tadlock can right the ship? Absolutely.

But unfortunately, thats about the only absolute I can offer at this point.


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