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Red Raiders Front Seven Will be Key to Victory Tonight

In todays upcoming matchup against the Baylor Bears, Texas Tech has an opportunity to be 2-1 in conference play after a huge victory against Houston last weekend. The offense found its groove and leaned on the run game like they should’ve been all season long, but the biggest key for them to emerge victorious will be the front seven and them slowing down the Baylor run game.

The Bears love to run the ball with Richard Reese and Dominic Richardson as they both have 45+ carries so far this season along with a few other backs that have seen plenty of touches. Blake Shapen should be the starter for the Bears as he’s looked like the best Baylor quarterback this season.

Ben Roberts and Jesiah Pierre have been pleasant surprises this season as they have stepped up and taken on the linebacker roles in the Red Raider defense. Tony Bradford Jr. and Jaylon Hutchings have been rock solid in the interior of this defense and have made life easier for the linebackers to roam free.

One part of the Tech defense that we knew would be something to keep an eye on coming into the season was the edge rushers. They have been non-existent and haven’t done a good enough job of replacing the production left by Tyree Wilson. The run support hasn’t been too bad, but not being able to get to the quarterback on passing downs has been an issue that against a team with a more dangerous passing offense will be apparent.

The secondary has been sound enough throughout the year and I have no concerns with how they will be able to defend Baylors receivers. The veteran leadership is apparent and if they can be left alone on an island and win their matchups, we can keep this offense at bay.


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