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One Key Player – Myles Cole

My name is Reed Meason and I’m a lifelong Red Raider. I graduated in the spring of 2021 and have contributed to our platform for the last three years. I had the privilege of working for the Tech football team (2019-2021) as a student equipment manager, and was able to have invaluable experience with them behind the scenes. I tend to favor football more than other sports, but I’m an avid fan of anything Texas Tech.

Looking at this roster as a whole, and the defense specifically, I notice there are some large shoes to fill at certain spots. I think anyone would tell you the largest being at the defensive end, where top-10 pick Tyree Wilson shined a season ago. While my pick isn’t playing in the exact same position this year, I think he’ll be playing a very similar role that Wilson did for us. Myles Cole is my one key player for the season, and I think he’s got the potential to do everything we think he can.

Cole transferred in last season from Louisiana-Monroe and was an eye-popper when he walked in the door. He stands at a whopping 6ft 6in, while weighing in at 280lbs. While he did not have crazy stats a season ago, many people (including myself), believe he will be the key component in replacing Wilson. They basically are the same player in terms of measurements, it will just be the coaching staff’s job to get him mirroring Wilson’s play on the field. Once he went down with an injury, Cole stepped into his place and definitely made his presence more well-known for the remainder of the 2022 season. The certain play that sticks out to me came in the bowl game against Ole Miss. On an early 4th down attempt in the 1st quarter, Cole shot the gap to beat his man and took down the runner in the backfield. Plays like that will be needed at times to swing momentum, and ones that I think he can give us a steady dose of.

What should really help Cole get some more work in, will be the addition of Steve Linton. The Syracuse transfer is expected to be an impact player right out of the gate and should provide us with a solid one-two punch at the OLB position. What should be interesting to see is how they are both used. Will they be on the line a lot, will they drop back in coverage, or just used primarily as edge rushers? Time will tell, but I think both of them will be all over the field.

I’m looking for Myles Cole to have a huge year for us on the defensive side of the ball. While I’m not expecting him to be at the level of Tyree Wilson, I do think he has the best chance of anyone to have a shot at it. With DeRuyter’s aggressive play style and Cole’s natural athletic ability, I believe he’s due for a season loaded with success.


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