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Offensive Player of the Week: The Tallest Man in West Texas

This week, there was a lot more just good offensively. Tyler Shough’s turnovers and the inability to let Tahj Brooks eat aside, the offense looked semi-competent. Which is a step towards greatness, and a big first step at that after the mess in Laramie. One position in particular that many fans had been calling to see more of saw more action. And for a group of big men, it was awesome to see. So, this week’s player of the week comes from the tight end room, Mason Tharp.

Mason had for receptions, and what I loved the most about his receptions is how tough they were. The ball just seemed to stick to his hands, and they were all in big moments. He would only total 37 yards, but to finally see a tight end targeted in critical moments, including that narrow touchdown he hauled in, was something that was just so cathartic. Besides that, I thought Tharp had a better game blocking which at his height is a true challenge to find leverage. He was tough as hell and made big plays.

The only hope now is we continue to see that group as a whole get more and more targets, especially in the middle of the field. The more the tight ends are allowed to strain a defense, the better.


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