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Offensive Player of the Week: The right Baylor

It is easy to rename this award the Tahj Brooks, but to keep it fresh I am looking to a different player. Brooks is just such a consistent beast we have to mention him at the top of the article each week. However, fittingly against Baylor, Baylor Cupp is our offensive player of the week.

Baylor would only record two receptions for 34 yards, but with Mason Tharp not on the field a tight end needed to step up. On a night Texas Tech fed Brooks to great success, two catches for two touchdowns is a hell of a statline. And that catch in the corner of the endzone was a thing of beauty.

I love giving credit to the tight ends, but I would be remiss if I did not also mention Myles Price who had 10 catches for 90 yards. I would almost say these two are almost co-players of the week, but I just cannot get enough of the tight ends getting more action this year.

Great win, great performance.


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