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Game Two Blues

Well, against the #19 Xerox U Cowpokes, Texas Tech had a much worse night. The game was back and forth, but in the 8th Oklahoma State pulled away to secure a 7-2 victory.

The story of this game was the lack of offense and the walks. By my count, 13 walks on the night. And that, against as team like OSU, just will not get it done. This is a worrying loss as I truly believe this tournament is survive and advance for Tech, but also because OSU represents the “comfortably” in the field crowd. And Tech just does not look particularly competitve in those matchups.

I could go on and on and on about pitching woes and lack of situational hitting, but the reality is we have talked all of this to death. Cincinnati up next, all there is to do now and is try to keep winning. But to do that, the team has to look more like the Tuesday night squad that hit dingers and struck batters out without walking an entire lineup.


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