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Countdown to Kickoff Day 60: The 1960 Texas Tech Red Raiders

A new series we will (hopefully) be able to daily! A countdown to the new season, with kickoff against Abilene Christian on August 31st at 6:30. With that in mind we start with 60 days to go, and to start our countdown with the start of the 60’s!

Texas Tech before 1960 was actually independent after leaving the BAIA. 1960 would mark a major change in the history of Texas Tech football as the Red Raiders would just the Southwestern Conference for the first time. Sadly, the season was not a banner season as Tech would finish 3-6-1. Facing the Aggies in College Station Tech would force a 14-14 tie, and the best win of the year was easily SMU.

With all the changes going on in conference realignment, it feels fitting to start remembering the OG conference that started it all for Tech football really. A simpler time of flagrant cheating and conference geographic footprints that actually made sense.



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