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Countdown to Kickoff Day 59: Mayfield versus Mahomes

Day 59 of the countdown, and I figured we could look back at one of the grossest moments in Red Raider defensive history. And one of, if not the greatest, performance from any college football quarterback ever. That would be Baker Mayfield making his return to Lubbock to take on Kliff Kingsbury’s squad led to by growing star Patrick Mahomes. Of course, the final score being 66-59 (hence day 59), but the score does not tell the whole story.

I had the fortune, or maybe misfortune, to watch this one in Lubbock. It was wild start to finish, as Baker took a back seat to Joe Mixon taking the Red Raider defense to task. On the opposite side, Mahomes was as good as could be. His piss-poor offensive line could not block to save their lives, but Mahomes proved he is truly a one man army. Mahomes managed to complete16-of-19 throws for 263 yards passing, on top of running three times for 39 yards, on third down. This equated to a perfect QBR of 100 and 3 TDs. But it gets wilder from there. Mahomes tied the record for most passing yards with 734 yards, doing it on an insane 88 passing attempts.

This game could have easily been won by Tech, but Mahomes’ one interception and the worst defensive effort I have ever witnessed sank the effort. Still wild to look back on this game to this day.


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