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Countdown to Kickoff Day 57: The Hogs upfront

Look, I really tried to find a meaningful 57 reference for this. But then I remembered, I am the managing editor and can be way less literal. So in honor of a perfect offensive line number, lets give a shoutout to the guys who drive the offense. I of course am referring to everyone’s favorite fat men, the offensive line.

I don’t want to shoutout any individual player, but rather the entire unit. These guys are often much maligned, and rarely do they get credit for the great plays they do make. The most important unit on the field, and one that can change a game for better or worse more than any other.

We love you big boys, keep eating and keep grinding. I promise to shoutout as many pancake blocks as I can this year to let y’all know someone is really watching the work you guys put in.


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