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Countdown To Kickoff Day 55: Breaking .55

The last two seasons have been drastically different from expectation standpoints, but ended with one big thing in common. From a win percentage perspective, Texas Tech finished 0.55. Both seasons the team finishes over 0.5 on the year thanks to the bowl game last year.

Texas Tech historically is about a 0.55 program, with mediocre stats in almost every win/loss category. This has become a typical result, and one that Tech will look to break out of with realignment threatening all future stability. Tech has a chance, a real chance, these next two years to assert themselves as a minimum 8-9 program, with upside for conference titles and playoff expectations. The expanded playoff, until ESPN breaks the sport permanently and makes it a SEC v. Big 10 Invitational, gives a golden opportunity to relevance for the program.

Everything changes this year, and for Tech it is a critical chance to end the mediocrity and get to where they actually belong.


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