Cotton Club Crew #52: The Long Wait

The sporting season is at an end, the Red Raider stickball teams both missing out on the postseason. Not the best year, except on the track, for the Red Raiders in aggregate.

Still, the offseason is a busy time this year. There’s transfers and facilities and hype. The programs will stay busy, and so will we. Jack and Joe talk a lot of odds and ends in this week’s episode. From the unease on the diamond to the red hot recruiting on the hard wood, and a lot in between. How is this team shaping up under McCasland? Should you be worried or excited about the future of the baseball program? How big are the transfers out on the diamond and were there any real shockers so far?

With the offseason underway it is time to enjoy your summer and hang in there till Joey McGuire leads Texas Tech out onto the football field with the newly renovated Jones as the backdrop.

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