Cotton Club Crew #23: Battle 4 Atlantis

If you have not been paying attention, Texas Tech basketball is back underway. So far, Tech has faced a few scrappy but frankly lower tier teams. Also frankly, they have not looked good doing it.

Now things crank up a notch, well several notches, as Texas Tech heads into the Battle for Atlantis. To give you an idea how immediately the intensity is going up, tomorrow Texas Tech leads off with Villanova. If they win or lost , they face either UNI or UNC. In an absolutely loaded field, the Red Raiders will be challenged each game. And considering the early disappointing performances Tech is going to need to shape up or take a beating.

Kendall breaks down the field, talks about the challenges ahead, and what he hopes to see from a Red Raider squad looking to shake-off the early season rust and perform at the highest level. Will Texas Tech make a run, or will they flame out of this nonconference challenge?

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