Cotton Club Crew #13: Wyoming on deck

The football season is HERE. We have already had crazy catches, wild finishes, and Nebraska going full Nebraska. But tomorrow, the Red Raiders take the field and the 2023 season officially begins. All the offseason hype, all the potential, all the buzz, it no longer matters once that clock starts winding in Wyoming.

Texas Tech will take on the Cowboys in the highest elevation possible for college football, and they take on an experienced Wyoming squad looking to make a name for themselves with a Power Four upset.

The crew chats about the Cowboys offensively and defensively. They break down the names to watch, the position battles that will decide the contest, and what they hope to see from the Red Raiders to justify the offseason hype. How can Tech avoid a major trap game? Give a listen and find out within!

It feels so good to be back sports fans, and with our new permanent home for all things the Fans First Sports Network.

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