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Adidas comes onto the scene in Raiderland

The other day Texas Tech formally transitioned to an Adidas school. And the rollout was masterfully done. A buddy of mine works for Texas Tech’s media team, so a shoutout to him for handling some of that content and the entire team for executing a strategy.

Texas Tech joins the Adidas ranks at a really important time when you consider the context. Patrick Mahomes is famously an Adidas athlete, even hilariously covering his Red Raider gear’s Under Armour logo with a piece of tape reading “Adidas”.

But more than just being able to better market alongside the most famous athlete on earth, Adidas offers an injection of fresh energy into a tired Under Armour product. It has felt like UA has been costing for years now in Raiderland, with boring uniforms, poor merchandising efforts, and the constant uncertainty about the health of the former sporting wear giant.

It is clear from the rollout that Adidas is giving Texas Tech the blueblood level treatment, helped I am sure by the superstar that Mahomes is. The uniforms (which I will react to tomorrow for football) have a clean yet distinct design that avoids some of the Adidas pitfalls. And the level of execution on the rollout demonstrates total brand by in.

Well done by the department getting this deal done.


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