A Cleveland Browns podcast

Browns Fans, It’s Okay to Like Taylor Swift

Regardless of whether you are taking sides for the Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers for the Super Bowl, it’s okay for Browns fans to like Taylor Swift. How do we know? Bernie Kosar, who many Browns fans have met through Browns Backers and other activities, told us so.  Bernie, you see, was the childhood idol of both Travis and Jason Kelce.

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Do Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian affect outcomes of NFL games?

It is reasonable to believe that future Hall of Famer Travis Kelce is playing with the utmost motivation, not to mention higher levels of adrenaline and male hormone than he has ever experienced before in his life! Perhaps some of that extra motivation and excitement is being passed on to his teammates as well. Maybe Ms. Swift has some cousins…!!?


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