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3 Potential Trade Destinations For Mason Miller

Mason Miller has quickly become one of the most attractive trade targets in Major League Baseball.

The 6-foot-5 right-hander possesses a fastball that tops 100mph and a wipeout breaking pitch that has led to 60 strikeouts in 34.2 innings. Miller has saved 14 games for the Oakland A’s and is arguably the best closer in baseball right now.

Oakland certainly does not have to trade the 25-year-old closer but right now, Miller’s value is sky-high. There are many teams that would love to add an elite arm to the back of the bullpen as the trade deadline quickly approaches.

3. New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have held the best record in baseball for many weeks over the course of the season. Both Juan Soto and Aaron Judge are playing at an MVP level, which has carried a mid-level roster to 50+ wins very early. One question mark remains the bullpen, with Clay Holmes acting as the closer. Adding Miller to create a two-headed monster would help the Yankees take that next step.

The question is, can New York pull it off? The front office had to give up pieces to acquire Soto in the offseason. Now, any trade would likely begin with Luis Gil. The return for Miller would be immense. It is unlikely that the Yankees would part ways with Jasson Dominguez which means any combination of Spencer Jones, Chase Hampton, and Everyone Pereira would likely have to be added in with Gil.

2. Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles have a young core that will be together for years to come and a powerful 25-year-old right arm would fit in perfectly. The Orioles will contend with the Yankees for the AL East title this year. The front office landed Corbin Burnes in a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers this offseason. It is clear that Baltimore knows what it has and is going for it right away.

The Orioles did not give up as much as New York did this offseason. The return would still have to be incredibly large to persuade the A’s to make this move. Baltimore has elite talent in the farm system led by Jackson Holliday and Heston Kjerstad, who has been playing for the professional team recently. Samuel Basallo and Coby Mayo could certainly be included in the return.

1. Philadelphia Phillies

There might not be a more frustrated team in baseball in recent years than the Philadelphia Phillies. This is a team that lost in the World Series back in 2022 before losing Games 6 & 7 of the NLCS at home last season. Now, the Phillies have the best record in the National League and want to get one the hump this season. That is why a pursuit of Miller could be aggressive.

Bryce Harper could be on his way to his third NL MVP award this season. The Phillies have three starters at the top of the league in ERA. Philadelphia also has assets to move but it will be interesting who it would want to trade, if anyone. Mick Abel and Andrew Painter come to mind immediately, along with Aidan Miller.


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