Cotton Club Crew #43: One Last Time on the Diamond

Texas Tech is steadily climbing the top 25. Texas is, well, they frankly have sucked eggs so far this season. Tech is coming off a surprisingly tough matchup against UNM, while Texas was absolutely hammered by Texas A&M.

Both teams with high expectations, and totally different vibes heading into this critical opening series. Joe breaks down how Tech got here, and what to expect in what might be the last time these two squads square off on the diamond. Hopefully not, but it very well could be the case. He breaks down the pitching rotation, Tech’s hot bats, Texas not meeting expectations, and so much more.

Who will get the early advantage in Big 12 play? Who will claim the last series crown between two bitter rivals? Will the home crowd be celebrating come Sunday, or will the away team claim the series? All that and more in this series preview episode.

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