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Who Will Be King👑: A Closer Look at the Week Ahead – NFC North week 9 results & week 10 preview

Welcome to “Who Will Be King?”, your weekly NFC North roundup. In this episode, our regular panelists – Pay from the Da Bear Claw Podcast, June and Foster from the Bleachers to Speakers show, and Dave from Vikings 1st & SKOL – join us to share their insights and analysis on the NFC North teams they represent.

Minnesota Vikings
Starting off the discussion, Dave, our resident Vikings expert, highlighted the unexpected twists and turns in the Vikings’ recent game against the Atlanta Falcons. With rookie quarterback Jaron Hall knocked out due to a concussion, Joshua Dobbs had to step in. Despite limited practice and preparation, Dobbs managed to lead the team to an unexpected victory, sparking excitement among Vikings fans. This excitement continues to bubble as fans eagerly anticipate Dobbs’ performance following a full week of practice and preparation.

Looking ahead, the Vikings are set to face the Saints. Dave believes that this game holds promise for the Vikings, especially given the Saints’ own struggles. With home advantage and a strong blitz strategy, the Vikings have a good chance of securing a win. However, the availability of key players like Justin Jefferson and Christian Darrisaw remains uncertain, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the upcoming game.

Detroit Lions
Next, we heard from Foster, who shared his thoughts on the Lions’ upcoming game against the LA Chargers. After observing the Chargers’ aggressive pass rush against the Jets, Foster identified this as a significant concern for the Lions. Despite the Chargers’ low ranking against the pass, their strength against the run could pose a serious challenge for the Lions. However, Foster also highlighted that the Chargers’ pass defense has shown some weaknesses, providing a potential opportunity for the Lions to capitalize on.

Foster also pointed out the potential difficulties of playing a West Coast game, which could disrupt the Lions’ usual rhythm. However, he remains cautiously optimistic, recognizing that every game presents a new opportunity for the team to prove themselves.

Chicago Bears
The Bears have already won this week on Thursday Night Football defeating the Carolina Panthers 16-13. How right was Pay in his analysis?

Pay gave us a comprehensive rundown of the Bears’ current situation. As they prepare for their game against the Carolina Panthers, the team faces uncertainty with their quarterback Justin Fields listed as doubtful. In the event that Fields is unable to play, and he didn’t, Tyson Bagent is stepped in as the starting quarterback.

Despite the Bears’ current 2-7 record, now 3-7, Pay maintains a positive outlook. He views their upcoming game as a win-win situation. A win would certainly boost the team’s morale and fan support, while a loss would bring them closer to a high draft selection – a potential silver lining in a challenging season.

Green Bay Packers
Last but not least, even though there wasn’t a representative for one of the oldest teams in the league, the Packers are coming off a convincing win on a trip to Los Angeles to play the Rams. They put 20 points and ket the Rams to just a field goal. Next up for them is another road trip back across the country to face the Pittsburgh Steelers. It should be an interesting matchup.

Wrapping Up
This week’s roundup reaffirmed that in the NFC North, anything can happen. With each team facing their unique challenges and opportunities, the players are gearing up for another exciting week of football. As we look towards the weekend, the question on everyone’s mind remains – Who will be King? Tune in next week for more insights and analysis on your favorite NFC North teams.

FAN WITH US!!! Pay @TheRealPayday, host of Da Bear Claw Podcast, June @asgjune & M Foster @Mbrfosterchild, hosts of the Bleachers To Speakers [Lions] podcast, and Dave Stefano @Luft_Krigare, from @Vikings1stSKOL. This has been a joint podcast production partnered with Fans First Sports Network @FansFirstSN and Fans First Sports Network’s NFL feed @FFSN_NFL.


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