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The NFL Scouting Combine Day 4 – Offensive Linemen, The Big Round Bellies!

Welcome back to another insightful episode of The Real Forno Show. On your digital airwaves with your host, Tyler Forness, and reliable producer Dave, we’re here to unpack all the happenings from the NFL Scouting Combine Day 4. Our focus today? The offensive linemen, affectionately referred to as the ‘big round bellies.’ Let’s delve into the key discussions and players that stood out from the day.

The Controversial 40 Yard Dash – A Valid Evaluation Tool for Offensive Linemen?
Our episode kicked off with an invigorating debate around the 40 yard dash, a controversial evaluation tool when it comes to offensive linemen. Dave initiated this conversation, expressing skepticism about the relevance of this metric for offensive linemen, a position that rarely requires a 40-yard sprint during gameplay. Instead, he argues for a focus on the first 20 yards as a better measure of an offensive lineman’s explosive power and speed.

Tyler, however, presented an alternative perspective. He stressed the importance of the 40 yard dash in the context of the modern NFL, where offensive linemen are increasingly required to cover significant distances during screens and counter pulls. He believes that the 40 yard dash provides an opportunity to observe an athlete’s movement abilities over such distances, offering valuable insights for evaluating their potential field performance.

Highlighting Promising Prospects: Homing in on Georges Amarius Mims
As the discussion progressed, we shifted our focus to the promising prospects emerging from the day’s activities. First up was Georgia’s Amarius Mims, a 6”8” 340 lbs tackle boasting a 5.07 40-yard dash and an impressive size-adjusted speed. His remarkable length and ability to keep defensive players at bay could make him a hot commodity and a potential top 10 draft pick.

The Case for Troy Fautanu: Tackle or Guard?
Another prospect who caught our attention was 6’4” 317 lbs Troy Fautanu from the Washington Huskies. Despite discussions about him potentially moving to guard, Tyler made a firm case for his suitability as a tackle. With his long wingspan (34 1/2” arms), excellent anchor, and impressive movement skills, Fautanu seems well-positioned to excel in this position.

Taliese Fuaga and Tanner Bortolini: Rising Stars
Further into the episode, we turn our attention to two more prospects, Taliese Fuaga and Tanner Bortolini. Despite some initial concerns about his foot speed, Oregon State’s Fuaga’s commendable movement skills once he gets moving make him a potential right tackle. He ran a 5.13 40-yard dash with a 1.77 ten-yard split with a hieght of 6’6” and weighing 324 lbs.

On the other hand, Tanner Bortolini, a 6’4” 303 lbs center from Wisconsin, left an impressive mark with his record-setting performance in the three cone drill (7.16) and short shuttle (4.28). His movement skills, particularly in these areas, could make him a valuable asset in zone schemes, making him a potential attraction for teams like San Francisco.

Conclusion and Looking Forward
As our episode concludes, we reflect on the importance of considering a diverse range of factors when evaluating offensive linemen. Traditional measurements like the 40 yard dash certainly have their place, but they are just part of the picture. An athlete’s specific movement skills, their potential fit within different play schemes, and the specific requirements of modern NFL play are all crucial aspects to consider in addition to a player’s game film.



The Real Forno Show remains committed to providing in-depth, nuanced analysis of the NFL Scouting Combine, shedding light on the promising prospects of the upcoming draft. Stay tuned for more insights, discussions, and all things NFL as we continue to explore the exciting world of American football.

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