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Live at the Two Minute Warning: How’s That for a Start? – Vikings vs Buccaneers

The Minnesota Vikings began their 2021 NFL season with a tough loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 1. Fans were eager to see how the team would perform in front of a packed U.S. Bank Stadium, which was honoring players from the decade of excellence and Vikings legend Bud Grant. Unfortunately, the Vikings fell short, losing 20-17 to what was supposed to be a bad Bucs team.

Following the game, Vikings First & SKOL’s “Live at the Two Minute Warning” postgame show provided insightful analysis and reaction to the team’s performance. Host Dave Stefano and guests Jonas Staerk, Justin Day, and Tyler Forness discussed the mistakes made by the Vikings throughout the game, particularly turnovers and poor offensive line play. They expressed frustration with the team’s inability to counter blitz-heavy defenses and execute on the field.

One of the main points of discussion was Kirk Cousins’ performance. While he threw for 2 touchdowns and 344 yards, he also had a costly interception at the end of the second quarter and had 2 fumbles lost by him that ultimately sealed the Vikings’ fate. Tyler expressed frustration with Cousins’ hesitancy to throw the ball to KJ Osborn, leading to the interception. However, they also acknowledged that not all of the mistakes were Cousins’ fault and that there was plenty of blame to go around.

Despite the disappointing result, the episode maintained a sense of optimism for the rest of the season and the team’s potential for improvement. The guys discussed the defensive performance, which allowed only 20 points, and acknowledged that the team had the talent and coaching staff to make the necessary adjustments and improve moving forward.

The Vikings dominated in yardage 369 to 242, and yards per play 5.9 to 3.6. Passing was even more skewed with the Vikes having 328 for 7.1 yard average and the Bucs only 169 and a 4.8 average, and looking at that box score you’d never guess the Buccaneers win except for the 3 turnovers and costly Vikings penalties.

The episode also highlighted the standout performances of several players, including Justin Jefferson, who had 9 receptions for 150 yards, and Alexander Mattison, who rushed for 34 yards. However, everyone noted that these individual performances were not enough to secure a win, and that the team needed to work on improving consistency and reducing mistakes.

Looking ahead, the Vikings have two crucial matchups against the Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Chargers in the coming weeks. The hosts discussed the importance of these games and the need for the team to bounce back and get back on track. They expressed confidence in the team’s ability to make the necessary adjustments and improve as the season progresses.

Overall, the “Live at the Two Minute Warning” episode provided a thorough and insightful analysis of the Vikings versus Buccaneers game in week 1. The hosts shared their impressions and insights, offering a nuanced understanding of the team’s performance. While the Vikings did not come out on top in this game, the episode provided a sense of hope for the rest of the season and the team’s potential for improvement.

If you’re a Vikings fan looking for in-depth postgame analysis and reactions, be sure to check out Vikings First & SKOL’s “Live at the Two Minute Warning” and tune in for future episodes. With a talented roster and dedicated coaching staff, the Vikings have the potential to bounce back and make a run at the playoffs this season.


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