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Texas Tech rocking Icey Whites in Laramie

First game of the year, first road game of the year, and first time we see some all-white HEAT. Or is it cold because this look is just so icey?

Whatever the case, I love this look for an unusual opening opponent and road trip for Texas Tech. Personally, I am all about sticking to red and black looks. But on the road to Wyoming for likely the only time in program history? Throw a curveball at the cowboys and come out in these ice-cold white jerseys. Best dressed will not win you any championships, but Texas Tech is going to start out with an early entry into the category anyways.

What are your thoughts on the look? Are you pro all-whites or against? I know this look can be controversial, but for this game I really cannot find fault with how clean these look. Now all that is left is to kick some Cowboy ass on Saturday.



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