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With trade compensation low, it brings up scenarios for the Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers offseason has been unorthodox in a lot of ways. An early flurry of moves, followed by a lull, then another flurry of acquisitions before an ensuing lull.

It has resulted in many in the fan base wondering what the Steelers’ next move will be.

When you look at the situation from a global perspective, the organization certainly has options. Of course, everyone will look at available free agents still on the market, and of course the NFL Draft. But there are also some of those same fans who are standing on their own proverbial soap boxes and screaming the team should make a trade for a proven commodity.

The response from most fans when they hear the thought of the Steelers trading for a player is almost uniform, “It will be too expensive!”

But is that true?

Wednesday the Buffalo Bills traded All-Pro wide receiver to the Houston Texans for, well, not what you’d expect.

Take a look at the trade compensation:

Keeping it recent, let’s also look at the trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets for pass rusher Haason Reddick. Take a look at the compensation for that trade:

While Reddick is far from the level of player of Diggs, the compensation for the trade makes you wonder why other teams weren’t in the running for these particular players. Being totally honest, the Steelers have experienced this three times already this offseason in the trade for Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears, trading Diontae Johnson to the Carolina Panthers, and the organization shipping Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles.

In all three situations the trade compensation wasn’t nearly what most expected for those particular players and situations.

So, would the Steelers be willing to make another trade for a proven player? When it comes to a talent like Brandon Aiyuk, you have to wonder what the cost would be? Sure, getting another contract done would be a challenge, but as it pertains to losing draft capital, it might not be as steep of a price as we all once thought.

Let’s take a look at the Steelers draft picks in the 2024 NFL Draft:

Round 1, Pick 20
Round 2, Pick 51
Round 3, Pick 84
Round 3, Pick 98 (compensatory pick from PHI)
Round 4, Pick 117
Round 6, Pick 178 (from CAR through ARI)
Round 6, Pick 195

If we focus on the scenario where the Steelers potentially trade for Aiyuk, would a 2024 3rd Round pick and a 2025 draft pick be enough? Knowing the team would have to figure out the contract situation, you have to wonder.

What once felt like a pipe dream might actually become a reasonable way to improve the roster. Crazy? Maybe. Out of the realm of possibility? Not anymore.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and be sure to stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the rest of the 2024 offseason.


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