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Will Monte Pottebaum’s release equate in a Derek Watt signing?

The NFL states a team can have 90 players on their offseason roster. They can carry less than 90, but not more than that number.

Therefore, you will see some roster juggling throughout the offseason, but especially when training camps roll around. Players who might be considered fringe roster players get banged up, often times teams will release them to get another camp body in the mix.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are wrapping up their first week of non-padded practice, they had a sudden change in their offseason roster, and this didn’t have anything to do with the recent signing of Kwon Alexander.

The move was undrafted rookie free agent (UDFA) Monte Pottebaum being placed on the Reserve/Retired list.

The move which doesn’t end Pottebaum’s time with the Steelers, but also his professional football career, should raise questions with Pittsburgh’s offseason roster. Pottebaum was a fullback, but it was more likely he would have made the team as a special teams ace than a pure fullback.

If that was the case, you have to wonder if/how the Steelers plan on replacing Pottebaum on the roster. Some might see it as a good way to bring in another young camp body, but what about signing a familiar face at a team-friendly price?

That face would be none other than Derek Watt.

Sure, fans weren’t happy with Watt’s contract when he was still with the Steelers, but as he has been on the open market all offseason and has yet to sign, the team might be able to entice him back to the team at a veteran minimum price tag.

Do the Steelers need a fullback? Not necessarily, but they could absolutely use some proven veteran presence on their special teams units. Watt would provide that, and if needed some fullback reps. The big question is if the price is right. Would Watt take a discount to be back in the NFL with his brother? Some would suggest something is better than nothing, but with Watt still on the open market it is possible the Steelers put in a phone call.


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