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Who is the Steelers X-Factor vs. the Texans in Week 4?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing to play the Houston Texans in the lone star state in Week 4, and there are certain aspects of the game which can be difficult to predict. Of course, the outcome of the game is paramount, but there are players or position groups who could be viewed as X-Factors.

What is an X-Factor? That definition is an important part of this exercise. If I were to give you a player who was the ultimate X-Factor in Steelers history, it would be Troy Polamalu. Polamalu was able to take over a game almost single-handedly. Whether it being a tackle made where he looked like a heat-seeking missile, or a clutch interception. A game could tilt the Steelers’ way because of Troy.

With the definition out of the way, let’s see who are the X-Factors for the Steelers in Week 4:

Jeff Hartman

X-Factor: Najee Harris

Why: If there is someone who would benefit from a big game, it’s Najee Harris. Don’t think he doesn’t hear the talk of Jaylen Warren getting more and more touches, not to mention some suggesting he become the starter of Harris. Najee is due for a big game, and it would come at a great time for the entire offense to get on track. With James Daniels out of the lineup it will equate in Nate Herbig’s first start as a member of the Steelers. Herbig is a road grader and could be a boost to the downhill running game, which should suit Najee Harris’s style. Could Najee get his first 100 yard game of the season? Let’s hope so…

Dave Schofield

X-Factor: Steelers edge rushers

Why: It’s too much to avoid the low-hanging fruit this week. The Texans have given up 11 sacks through three games and the Steelers lead the NFL in sacks with 13. It’s important for the defense to come out and crush the hopes and dreams of this young Texans offense if they are considering starting a winning streak. Add in the fact both starting tackles are out for the Texans this should be a game where whoever the Steelers put on the edge completely set the tone of the game.

Who is your X-Factor for the game? Let us know in the comment section below, and be sure to stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the Houston Texans in Week 4.


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