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Who has been the biggest disappointment on the Steelers in 2023?

The Steelers are a mere five games into the 2023 NFL season. Although it seems like they are just getting started, the Steelers are at their bye week which gives the opportunity for continued reflection.

While there are good things to focus on such as the Steelers being above .500 and in first place in the AFC North, there are also plenty of things that are not up to standard such as the offensive production and the defense giving up a large quantity of yards. But for now, let’s look at some interesting individual performances through the first five games.

After looking at the biggest surprises yesterday, today the question is who has been the biggest disappointment on the Steelers so far in 2023? With some players it might be where the expectations were set high and the player has yet to live up to them, or it could be a player where the expectations were low and they still aren’t living up to them. Players who have missed more games than not due to injury are not being considered.

While you can choose any player you want on the roster, I will offer a few suggestions. Ultimately it is your decision as you can go with one of these players or one of your own. Either way, make sure you let your thoughts known in the comments below.

Mason Cole

There has been plenty of criticism when it comes to the Steelers offensive line so far in 2023, and the player who is probably coming in on the low end and most of the time is center Mason Cole. Whether it is truly Cole himself who isn’t living up to the expectations or the unit as a whole, he just happens to be who many feel is the weakest player on the unit.

Patrick Peterson

Coming to the Steelers to start his 13th NFL season at the age of 33, there were plenty of Steelers fans who did not have high expectations of Patrick Peterson at this point in his career. On the other hand, being a player in contention for the Hall of Fame had fans thinking he would likely bring some consistent results. Unfortunately, Peterson has seen his coverage ability come into question specifically over the Steelers last two games.

Najee Harris

There has been plenty of debate both before the start of the regular season and through the first five games on who should be the Steelers starting running back. Whilethe title itself isn’t nearly as important as the role in which the players used, there are some who feel Najee Harris will likely never live up to him being selected in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft. But where things come more into play is the fact that Jaylen Warren has been playing well behind Harris.

Levi Wallace

It wouldn’t be fair to mention Patrick Peterson without bringing up a Levi Wallace who has been the punching bag of many Steelers fans when it comes to coverage at the cornerback position. But with Wallace, how high were the expectations for him coming into 2023 in the first place?

Gunner Olszewski

It’s quite odd that a player who many fans thought would not make the roster ends up being in contention as the biggest disappointment. Add in the fact he was a healthy scratch in Week 1 and Week 4 while missing Week 3 due to a concussion, it seems even more improbable that Gunner Olszewski could be deemed the biggest disappointment. But only having four official touches this season where he has lost two fumbles as well as a boneheaded play of trying to catch a kickoff in bounds rather than out of bounds, the extremely low bar of expectations for Olszewski coming into the season has still managed to have him come in enormously shy of the mark.


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