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Who are Steelers fans pulling for in Super Bowl LVIII?

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 season has come to a conclusion. Although the Steelers have been out of the playoffs for almost a month, the tournament winds down with the two remaining teams facing off in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII. While some Steelers fans look at the NFL season being complete now that the Steelers are not playing, others, like myself, will take it every NFL football game they can get before the long offseason.

With the final game of the 2023 scheduled for Sunday, fans will see who gets to be the one team who didn’t come up short in 2023. For those Steelers fans who will tune in for the action, which team are you pulling for?

When it came to the Conference Championship games, Steelers fans saw their choice come through in the AFC as three-quarters of them were wanting the Chiefs to knock off the Ravens. The Lions were the overwhelming choice of Steelers fans for the NFC Championship, but the 49ers didn’t let a big halftime deficit keep them down.

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Here is the breakdown for Super Bowl LVIII:

Kansas City Chiefs (3) vs San Francisco 49ers (1)

6:30 PM on CBS
Spread: SFO -2.0
Over/Under: 47.5


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