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The most surprising roster cut for each AFC North team

Roster cuts have taken place, 53-man rosters have been assembled, and games are about to be played. However, there is some unfinished business in the world of sports talk, and I think we need to get it out of the way. There were a few surprise cuts within the division, and I think it is worth discussing before we officially move past offseason roster moves.

Every year, we see a number of surprise roster cuts across the league, and inside your team’s division, every decision of every team matters. Thus, we are going to take a look at the most surprising in-division roster cuts and determine whether or not it makes an impact on the Steelers.

Melvin Gordon

This one will get attention for namesake, but Gordon was not someone I anticipated the Ravens letting go of. I understand that he does not really bring anything to the table that Gus Edwards and J.K. Dobbins do not already bring, but he looked like a typical Ravens running back. Baltimore does not typically care about complimentary backs as much as they do about physical backs, and Gordon looked to be a guy who would see touches in a crowded backfield. However, the Ravens have shown a significant amount of commitment to the two backups to Dobbins, and there was not a clear path for Gordon to supplant either of those. From a Steelers perspective, fans need to take the positive out of moves like this. The fewer physical running backs the Ravens have on the roster, the better. The Baltimore backfield has given the Steelers fits at select times in recent seasons, and the addition of Gordon would have only added to the problem if he had stayed on the roster.

Sydney Jones IV

Jones was expected to be in the mix to see significant snaps on the boundary for the Bengals in 2023, but the great play of rookie DJ Turner has lessened the need of corner help in Cincy. If Turner can play well from the get-go, the Bengals have three reliable corners, including former Steeler Mike Hilton in the slot. Jones was added to the practice squad, but he is a player who, if fully healthy, will likely garner interest from other teams in need of corner depth. Some were even linking the Steelers to Jones, but the signing of Desmond King has put those rumors to rest. At the end of the day, this move is a nothingburger as it pertains to the Steelers.

Trysten Hill

The additions of Dalvin Tomlinson and Siaki Ika certainly made the path difficult for Hill to make the roster, but it is amazing to see a player this talented to fail with another team. The pieces are all there, but he simply has not been able to remain consistent in any part of his game. Hill will likely continue to get looks from teams around the NFL, but finding the right schematic fit may not be easy. From a Steelers perspective, I would consider bringing him in as a replacement for Montravious Adams, as I trust Karl Dunbar’s expertise to get the best out of a guy like Hill. However, the Steelers appear to be happy with their group of defensive linemen, making a Trysten Hill signing unlikely. He is currently on the Cleveland practice squad.

Tanner Muse

The signing of Tanner Muse excited a large portion of the Steelers fan base, but he is yet another example of a player who simply cannot find his niche. His value on defense simply is not enough to keep him on the roster, despite the athletic talent. Too often, he was late to react to the run, inconsistent with his tackling angles, and irrelevant as a pass rusher. Plus, the addition of Kwon Alexander made the need for a rangy linebacker a non-important topic. Muse was claimed off waivers by the Chargers, and he is likely to have a major role on special teams. In Pittsburgh, there was simply no place for him. This is a cut that may have been good for all parties involved.


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