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The Big Picture: Ranking all 32 NFL teams in Week 6

It’s never too early to talk NFL playoffs. In fact, Wesley Coleman of FFSN’s Dome Patrol and Steel Curtain Network’s Bryan Anthony Davis have been doing it since Week 1 on the Big Picture by sharing their ever-changing magnificent seven every Thursday on FFSN’s NFL affiliate. Check out their picks, as well as the official playoff picture for all 32 teams below.

AFC Division Winners: Kansas City (West), Buffalo (East), Cincinnati (North), Indianapolis (South)

AFC Wild Card: Miami, Pittsburgh, Baltimore

NFC Division Winners: San Francisco (West), Philadelphia (East), Detroit (North), New Orleans (South)

NFC Wild Card: Dallas, Seattle, Tampa Bay


Here are the American Football Conference standings going into Week 6…

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 5-1 (Would win AFC West and get a Round 1 Bye): A definite Super Bowl contender, but Andy Reid’s Big Chiefs don’t seem dominant. The division will be theirs though.
  2. Miami Dolphins 4-1 (Would win AFC East and host Buffalo Bills in Round 1): A prolific offense, but the schedule includes three tough road games (KC, Philly and the Jets) in their next six. I’m projecting a Wild Card berth for the boys from Phinland.
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-2 (Would win AFC North and host Baltimore Ravens in Round 1): Mike Tomlin’s team is in first place right now due to a more than decent defense, but Steeltown’s only hope for a winning record and a playoff berth is for Diontae Johnson’s return to revitalize Kenny Pickett.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-2 (Would win AFC South and host Indianapolis Colts in Round 1): The Jags only seem at home in England but unless they brought Ted Lasso back to Duval with them, I’m not convinced that this is s division winner.
  5. Indianapolis Colts 3-2 (Would earn first Wild Card and travel to Jacksonville Jaguars in Round 1): The Colts are intriguing. Despite losing rookie standout Anthony Richardson for a stretch, Gardner Minshew is perhaps the best backup under the shield and the schedule (at JAX, CLE, NO, at CAR, at NE) not being daunting bodes well for Indy.
  6. Baltimore Ravens 3-2 (Would earn second Wild Card and travel to Pittsburgh Steelers in Round 1): After Lamar, this offense is merely lame. But a fairly winnable midseason schedule can keep this team vying for the AFC North crown, and at least a Wild Card.
  7. Buffalo Bills 4-2 (Would earn third Wild Card and travel to Miami Dolphins in Round 1): I’m betting on Buffalo to circle the wagons and win the AFC East despite losing in London in uneven circumstances. The next six games
  8. Cleveland Browns 2-2: The Dawg Pound is in disarray. Hosting the 49ers and a road trip to Indy and Seattle could lead the 2-5 Browns to be flushed down by Halloween.
  9. Los Angeles Chargers 2-2: Austin Ekeler is coming back, and this team has talent. However, L.A. has of the most-ponderous Head Coaches in the NFL in Brandon Staley. This should be a Wild Card team, but the schedule is challenging, and Staley is stale.
  10. Houston Texans 2-3: The Bulls are emerging, but they aren’t bullies yet. Houston’s schedule can put the team in contention for a Wild Card in 2023, but maybe 2024 is more realistic.
  11. New York Jets 2-3: The most intriguing situation in the AFC belongs to the J-E-T-S. The schedule makes it possible for Gotham to hang on to the hopes that Aaron Rodgers can return. Not this week vs. Philly though.
  12. Tennessee Titans 2-3: It’s disappointing to see that the window is closing on Mike Vrabel’s team. A run and a Wild Card berth is possible but fortunes look rocky and topless in Tennessee.
  13. Las Vegas Raiders 2-3: Detroit is the only real daunting task for the Autumn Wind in the next five contests (NE, at CHI, at DET, NYG, NYJ). But ultimately, don’t bet on the Silver and Black.
  14. Cincinnati Bengals 2-3: Currently ranked third-to-last in the conference, Joe B. still has an opportunity to lead his team to the division crown but only if they can get 2 of their next 3 from powerhouses Seattle, San Fran and Buffalo.
  15. New England Patriots 1-4: My preseason surprise team can’t be saved by the Hoodie. Roadies in Vegas and Miami with a home tilt against Buffalo spells doom for the Pats.
  16. Denver Broncos 1-5: More like Done-ver! This team is competing for Caleb.

Here are the American Football Conference standings going into Week 6…

  1. San Francisco 49ers 5-0 (Would win AFC West and get a Round 1 Bye): While I don’t believe that this team going 17-0, I foresee the floor being 14-3 barring injury. Before traveling to Emerald City to play the Seahawks, the most-daunting game is a visit to Jacksonville.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles 5-0 (Would win AFC East and host Dallas Cowboys in Round 1): Philly fans are calling the victories of their undefeated Eagles unsure and uninspired, but they are likely to take the NFC East. There are some absolute challenges upcoming with the Jets, Dolphins, Commanders, Cowboys, Chiefs and Bills making up the next six contests. This team still looks like division winners though.
  3. Detroit Lions 4-1 (Would win AFC North and host Baltimore Ravens in Round 1): The playoffs are pretty-much a lock for Motor City. The Ravens, Saints and Cowboys are the toughest games the remainder of 2023 for Dan Campbell’s team.
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-1 (Would win AFC South and host Seattle in Round 1): The fortunes of the Bucs stop here in Week 6 vs. Detroit. With visits to Buffalo, Houston and San Fran on the books in midseason alone, the Wildcard may be best-case for the Bucs.
  5. Seattle Seahawks 3-1 (Would earn first Wild Card and travel to Tampa Bay in Round 1): How good are the Seahawks? They won’t win the division with San Fran residing in the NFC West but they could very well be a Wild Card fave. The next six games (at CIN, AZ, CLE, at BAL, WAS, at LAR) are all winnable. However, tilts with Dallas, Philly and two games with Frisco make up the four that follow.
  6. Atlanta Falcons 3-2 (Would earn second Wild Card and travel to Detroit in Round 1): The running game is good enough to reawaken Hotlanta while the passing game led by Desmond Ridder has fans rendered to reaching for the Mylanta. The next five games (WAS, at TB, at TEN, Min, at AZ) are going to keep this team in the division title hunt. However, New Orleans and Tampa have their sights set on it as well. If the passing game can improve, this is a playoff team. That’s a ginormous “if” though…
  7. Dallas Cowboys 3-2 (Would earn third Wild Card and travel to Philadelphia in Round 1): Oh, Dallas. You are so enigmatic and head-scratching. Big D’s midseason slate includes wins but possible letdowns with the L.A. Chargers and Rams, Eagles, Giants, Panthers and Commanders. But then a stretch with the Seahawks, Eagles, Bills, Dolphins and Lions before the season finale in Washington could derail Dallas completely.
  8. New Orleans Saints 3-2: Currently in third place in the NFC South, the Saints are still the likely division winner here with the next six games being against the likes of Houston, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Chicago, Minnesota and Atlanta before getting to the toughest game on the schedule in Detroit.
  9. Green Bay Packers 2-3: I’m not in love with Jordan Love and I don’t think cheeseheads are either. The schedule with Denver, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota and Pittsburgh isn’t overly daunting, but the NFC is top heavy, and the Pack isn’t good enough to get in.
  10. Los Angeles Rams 2-3: I actually think that a healthy Rams team could compete for the 7th seed. It’s possible with the next seven games being Arizona, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle, Arizona and Cleveland.
  11. Washington Commanders 2-3: From 2-0 to getting doubled-up by the winless Bears. Washington is no longer in command.
  12. Chicago Bears 1-4: The Windy City Gridiron Gang having four teams below them in the playoff picture defines just how bad the NFC is. They may get a win here and there, but postseason aspirations are null and void.
  13. Minnesota Vikings 1-4: There are some wins on the schedule, but not enough for a Wild Card entry. Justin Jefferson is out and catching Detroit is most unlikely the case for the last-place Vikes.
  14. New York Giants 1-4: Danny Dimes exchange rate is dropping and so are the hopes of the New York Football Giants. The Commanders, Jets and Raiders are coming up on the schedule but being bookended by Buffalo and Dallas is pretty undesirable.
  15. Arizona Cardinals 1-4: Looks like the Kyler Murray Era is over. Josh Dobbs is playing admirably, but the only stars he will lead the Cards too is in his other job as an actual rocket scientist.
  16. Carolina Panthers 0-5: Playoffs, No!!! No. 1 pick, most likely.

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