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The best quarterbacks from 2022 the Steelers are set to face in 2023

After taking a look at the top rushers (check that out HERE) and receivers (check that out HERE) from 2022 who are scheduled to face the Steelers in 2023, today it’s time to check out the quarterbacks who are on the Steelers schedule this season who finished toward the top of the yardage standings last year. As I said before, there could be injuries, trades, benchings, or holdouts which could make these players not able to see the field when they face the Black and Gold. But for now, these things can’t be known for sure. This list consists of players who had at least 3,000 passing yards in 2022, their overall rank in yardage last season, and the week in which they will face the Steelers. While the Steelers are set to face quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Dehsaun Watson both twice this season, neither player landed on this list due to missing five and eleven games respectively.

Joe Burrow (5th)
Cincinnati Bengals
Week 12, Week 16

I don’t know if there are many Steelers fans left who don’t realize that Joe Burrow is the top quarterback the Steelers are going to most likely be facing for years to come. One of the tops in the NFL, Burrow went for over 300 yards in both games against the Steelers last year and had six touchdowns. One redeeming stat when it comes to the Steelers facing Burrow is they were able to intercept him six times last season with another play which could have been deemed an interception by Cam Heyward but instead was called a strip sack from Alex Highsmith and a fumble recovery. But more concerning than passing yards is Burrow‘s ability to win games against the Steelers. Over the last two years since missing a fair portion of his rookie season, Burrow is 3–1 against the Steelers.

Geno Smith (8th)
Seattle Seahawks
Week 17

The last time the Steelers faced the Seattle Seahawks in 2021, many Steelers fans downplayed their overtime win because it was “only against Geno Smith” and not Russell Wilson. But after Smith threw for 4,282 yards last season, I doubt the reaction would be the same in 2023. The big question when it comes to Geno Smith this season is if his career year in 2022 is what is to be expected or simply an anomaly. With the game not being until New Year’s Eve, the Steelers will have a lot of time and tape from the 2023 season to figure it out.

Trevor Lawrence (9th)
Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 8

With the Steelers not facing the Jaguars the last two seasons, the emergence of Trevor Lawrence might not hit home like it does to other fan bases. But Lawrence is on the rise and preparing to be one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. Not only will Trevor Lawrence be a good test for the Steelers in the middle of the season, the Steelers defense may be a good test for Lawrence’s résumé as well.

Davis Mills (16th)
Houston Texans
Week 4

The criteria is what the criteria is. And basing this exercise off of quarterbacks with 3,000 passing yards in 2022 who are on the roster of a team the Steelers face this season, Davis Mills fits the equation. Throwing for 3,118 yards in 15 games last season, Mills is likely a surprise player to land on this list ahead of other quality quarterbacks the Steelers are set to face in 2023. With the Texans using the second overall pick on quarterback C.J. Stroud, it’s unknown at this time who is going to start the season for the Texans at quarterback. With the Steelers facing the Texans early, there is a chance it could be Mills and not Stroud at that point of the season.


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