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The 2023 state of the Steel Curtain Network

It is difficult to think that the lengthy NFL offseason is coming to a close. It is even more difficult for me to consider this will be the first season since 2014 where I’ll be contributing solely to one media outlet.

Just one.

Not multiple, but one.

While some might think the Steel Curtain Network is a brand-new operation, it isn’t. It’s just a new website. The Steel Curtain Network (SCN) has been in full operation since January of 2023, and if we are just talking about the people who contribute content about the Pittsburgh Steelers, we’ve been together for years…not months.

That might be what makes this venture so exciting. The thought that this group of individuals, a band of brothers as Mike Tomlin would say, decided to take a leap of faith. Decided to go out on their own and make something on their own.

One thing I’ve learned along the way in this wild and crazy trip I’ve been on since I started this journey of covering my favorite team back in 2013 is how you can’t do this alone. And by alone I’m not always talking about specific contributors, but you, the fans.

Our large podcast following would be nothing without listeners.

Our articles would be nothing if no one read them.

It is knowing this which makes doing what we do so special. The fact we are putting out content which is being consumed by fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s what brings us all together. Doesn’t matter where you live, where you came from, or what you currently do.

We all love the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Will they win? Will they lose? Will Kenny Pickett prove to be the future quarterback of the team?

It doesn’t matter, we’ll be here not matter what, and we know you’ll be here too.

Last season when the season got off to a lousy start things looked bleak, you were still there. When the team got hot in the second half of the season and finished winning seven of their last nine, you were there.

There is something extremely comforting about that simple sentiment, and while you’ll always be there, we will always be here too. This is our first season as the Steel Curtain Network, and while the new home might look different, we hope you are as dedicated to us as we all are to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I promise we won’t disappoint.

In the meantime, buckle up fans…the season starts Wednesday when the team reports to camp!


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