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Steelers officially fire Matt Canada as offensive coordinator

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense has been horrid, to say the least, and at a time when the team needs change desperately the team actually delivered.

The team announced Tuesday morning the Steelers have decided to fire Matt Canada as the team’s offensive coordinator effective immediately.

This from the Pittsburgh Steelers official Twitter/X Account from Mike Tomlin:

The Steelers offense has ranked at, or near, the bottom of the NFL in every major statistical category. But this wasn’t just a 2023 problem, it had happened since Canada took over play-calling duties in the waning years of Ben Roethlisberger’s career.

At this juncture in Kenny Pickett’s time at the helm, it became clear the offense was only going to go so far with Canada calling the shots. The team still believes in their 1st Round quarterback, so the logical choice was to part ways with the offensive coordinator.

Some might ask the biggest question is, “Why didn’t it happen sooner?” That is an answer we, the fans will probably never know.

Who will take over play-calling duties? While nothing has been made official, Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network suggests offensive coordinator duties will be held by Running Backs coach Eddie Faulkner, and Mike Sullivan handling play-calling duties.

With Mike Tomlin addressing the media today, Tuesday, at 12:00pm EST, we will have more for you on this story and what Tomlin says after his press conference goes live.

Stay tune to SCN for more on this story…


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