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Steelers Friday Night Six Pack: The last stand for the Six Pack!

Well, this may be it.

No, not for me, or Steel Curtain Network, but for the Friday Night Six Pack.

I understand the new site’s comment section is wonky, and something we are trying to get ironed out, but I also understand there are times when features which once worked at a previous location might not work in the new digs.

Such is life, but I think it’s also appropriate to suggest if we want to not get rid of, but change, this Friday night article I’m always up to hearing new ideas to try out. I’ll absolutely keep doing the article, but if it just gets 1-2 comments I’d rather spend my time doing something which is deemed more valuable.

With that said, let me know your thoughts on the questions below, and feel free to put what you’re eating/drinking/listening to this Friday night. As for me, I’m grilling burgers and will be listening to some records on the turntable.

Let’s get to the questions…

1 – If you were to put your full support behind Russell Wilson or Justin Fields, where would your support lie if you had to choose one?

2 – Last season the Steelers were 5-1 in AFC North play. If you were to predict the record in 2024, what would it be?

3 – Which rookie will have the bigger impact in 2024? Roman Wilson or Payton Wilson?

4 – Which second year player will have the bigger impact in 2024? Darnell Washington or Nick Herbig?

5 – What are your thoughts about the Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh getting the 2026 NFL Draft?

6 – It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the United States, and it’s a huge grilling weekend! What are you putting over the flames, if you have your choice? My daughter’s birthday is this weekend, and she requested grilled pork tenderloins…so my job is simplified.

Be sure to stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the rest of the 2024 offseason.


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