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Steelers Friday Night Six Pack: Bring on the regular season edition

We had some nice discussion last week, so let’s hit up another six pack in the aftermath of the Steelers phenomenal preseason.

With that said, here goes nothing…

You know the rules. State your beverage of choice, and if you want to share a meal or the music you’re listening to, feel free!!

1. Who was the biggest surprise on the Steelers this preseason?

2. Now for the other end of things, who has been the most disappointing player on the Steelers this preseason? It’s not necessarily who has played the worst, but a player you expected a lot out of but didn’t come through.

3. Cut-down day is this coming Tuesday although the Steelers can release players ahead of time. What player who you didn’t necessarily think would make the roster a month ago do you think will be on the 53 come Tuesday evening?

4. Who do you think could be the biggest surprise cut by the Steelers on Tuesday?

5. If the Steelers pick up or trade for any outside players before Week 1, what do you think would be the most likely position?

6. Have you participated in the game-day open threads here at SCN? If so, how was your experience?



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