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Steelers finally make decision on the 5th year options for Najee Harris and Justin Fields

The Pittsburgh Steelers currently have two 1st Round picks from the 2021 NFL Draft on their roster in Najee Harris and Justin Fields. This means that prior to the 2024 season the team has to make a decision on their intentions for the 5th year option on both players. In case you don’t know, these 5th year option numbers are based on the average salary at their position. So, Justin Fields’ option is the average for the quarterback salary in the NFL. For Harris it’s for the running back position.

The cost to pick up these options is as follows:

Justin Fields: $25,664,000

Najee Harris: $6,790,000

With today, May 2nd, being the deadline for these decisions to be made, the Steelers finally made the decision. As was previously reported, the Steelers were not picking up the option for Justin Fields. As for Najee Harris, the Steelers did not pick his option up either according to Gerry Dulac.

Just because the Steelers did not pick up the fifth-year option for Harris does not mean he is not in their long-term plans. This according to Joe Rutter:

The Steelers finally making the decision on these players’ 5th year option finally ends the speculation and wonder surrounding how the Steelers value these players, in terms of their current contract status.

Be sure to stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for rookie minicamp next week, OTAs, and Mandatory Minicamp.


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