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Steelers fans should avoid the knee jerk reaction to the first depth chart

The “cut and paste component” became a thing a year ago when the Steelers released a depth chart which had Kenny Pickett buried at the bottom nearing the end of the preseason. While some fans were up-in-arms in anger over this decision, it also could have been used as a valuable lesson.

Don’t put too much stock into these preseason depth charts.

I feel like we say it every year, but at the same time it is worth reminding the black-and-gold faithful out there to just take it easy when feeling as if you need to voice your frustration over the fact Broderick Jones is behind Dan Moore Jr. on the first depth chart released.

In reality, it shouldn’t shock anyone there aren’t any rookies sniffing a starting spot on the first depth chart. After all, the head coach is Mike Tomlin, and he wants his players, especially rookies, to earn everything at the NFL level. He is a firm believer in paying your dues and working your way through the ranks.

With that said, next time you take a look at the depth chart, take that into consideration. Tomlin is a master motivator, and he knows how to push players’ buttons to get them motivated to be the best they can be. Sometimes this means he is going to publicly mention their play, both good and bad, to send a message to the individual. Other times, he might do something in-game, or in practice, to make a point with his team. Don’t think he won’t use something as small as a Week 1 preseason depth chart to send a message.

What message could he possibly send? Simple. You thought you had your spot locked up? As if you don’t have to continue to work hard. Try again.

While it might seem as if I’m going off on a tangent, it’s all relevant. If Tomlin is willing to use something like a depth chart as a motivating tool, maybe fans shouldn’t put so much stock into what they see on the team’s official website when the first depth chart is released. On top of that, if the “cut and paste component” taught us anything a year ago, it is how these things can change and how little the organization actually cares about them.

So why do we?

I understand it’s the latest thing to discuss among fans, but let’s all try and think about things before we get upset and start sending out ALL CAPS messages on social media with our disapproval of the organization’s decision on a simple depth chart.

Just my two cents…


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