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Steelers 2024 Mock Schedule

Do you love mock drafts? Do you like seeing the possibilities of what is to come even though the chances of it going down exactly as predicted is almost 0%?

What about 53-man roster predictions? Are those are your thing to get you through the offseason from the draft until training camp?

If these are your thing, then do we have something for you!

Welcome to the 2024 Steelers mock schedule!

With the NFL set to release the 2024 schedule (presumably) later this week, Dave Schofield and Bryan Anthony Davis take a shot at predicting all 18 weeks of the Steelers 2024 season. Why would we take on such a ridiculous task with such a low chance of success rate? Does it really matter that we only have a 1 in 6.4 quadrillion chance of getting all 18 weeks correct? It doesn’t stop mock drafts for 2025 from being released, so we are taking our shot. Special games such as Monday Night Football (MNF) will be designated as well.

Week 1

Dave: @Denver (SNF)

Bryan: @Denver (MNF)

The NFL is going to want to highlight Russell Wilson returning to Denver. But to make sure it happens, they’ll probably want to do it early in the season as you never know who will be starting later. It just makes sense to do it on opening weekend, hence why we both chose this game. Are we really going to argue over Sunday or Monday?

Week 2

Dave: Cincinnati

Bryan: New York Jets

Opening on the road, both of us have the Steelers coming home for Week 2. With an AFC North matchup in the first two weeks the last two years, I went that route while Bryan went with a low-profile Jets matchup. Too bad neither one of us checked to see that the Pirates were also at home that day.

Week 3

Dave: New York Jets

Bryan: Baltimore (SNF)

We simply switched which week was the Jets and against the AFC North. Bryan likes the Steelers in prime time again early in the season.

Week 4

Dave: @Las Vegas

Bryan: @Washington

We both have the Steelers back on the road after a two-game home stand. Whether it’s in Vegas or Washington, Bryan is going to look to go to this game.

Week 5

Dave: @Cleveland (TNF)

Bryan: @Cleveland

We both picked the same matchup again! Odds are this won’t be the game simply because we agree.

Week 6

Dave: Dallas

Bryan: Los Angeles Chargers (TNF)

I like the Cowboys matchup coming in October while Bryan thinks the Steelers will face the Chargers in prime time as it has been in recent history when the two teams face each other.

Week 7

Dave: @Atlanta

Bryan: BYE

Bryan gives the early bye again this year but one week later than in 2023. Instead, I look for the Arthur Smith revenge game after the Steelers offense gets their legs under them.

Week 8

Dave: Los Angeles Chargers

Bryan: @Philadelphia (SNF)

I think the Steelers finally get the Chargers in a 1 PM matchup where Bryan thinks the battle for Pennsylvania will be in prime time.

Week 9

Dave: @Philadelphia (MNF)

Bryan: @Las Vegas Raiders

I also like the battle for PA in prime time, just one week later. Bryan wants his trip to Vegas to come later in the season.

Week 10

Dave: BYE

Bryan: Cincinnati (MNF)

The Steelers have been given early byes for so long, they don’t get one that’s overly late but at least it’s the first week of the second half of the season. Already having scheduled his bye, Bryan likes a prime time AFC North matchup in Pittsburgh. As you can see, Bryan has thrown NFL prime time scheduling rules out the window.

Week 11

Dave: @Indianapolis

Bryan: @Baltimore

Now that we both have our bye week past us, we get back into the pattern of thinking the Steelers will be on the road. I have them heading to Indy out of the bye week while Bryan has back-to-back AFC North matchups.

Week 12

Dave: @Cincinnati (SNF)

Bryan: New York Giants

I too like prime time AFC North battles, but I like them on the road as I think the Steelers cancel the home-crowd advantage. Bryan gets another NFC matchup out of the way in Week 12.

Week 13

Dave: Kansas City (Black Friday)

Bryan: @Atlanta

I have the Steelers getting in on the holiday action in the black Friday game hosting Kansas City. Bryan attempts to keep it an uneventful Thanksgiving with a 1 PM matchup in Atlanta as he is saving his holiday games for later in the season.

Week 14

Dave: Baltimore

Bryan: Cleveland

We both have AFC North matchups at home, we just don’t agree on the opponent.

Week 15

Dave: @Washington

Bryan: Dallas

We both have NFC East matchups, but I’m heading to Washington while Bryan has the Steelers hosting the Cowboys in December.

Week 16

Dave: New York Giants

Bryan: @Indianapolis (TNF)

I have the Steelers at home for a cross-conference matchup just before Christmas, but Bryan has another Thursday night matchup, this time in Indianapolis, to set up the schedule for the following week…

Week 17

Dave: @Baltimore

Bryan: Kansas City (Christmas)

I didn’t want to disrupt the Steelers schedule so much so I have them traveling to Baltimore the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s. But Bryan set up the Thursday night matchup the week before so the Steelers could host a Wednesday game on Christmas Day against the Chiefs.

Week 18

Dave: Cleveland

Bryan: @Cincinnati

I have the Steelers finishing up at home against the Browns, a tradition that has happened frequently. Bryan has the Steelers on the road in Cincy after 11 days off to finish up the season.

So there are choices for how we would like to see the schedule play out this season. Keep in mind we have only a 5.5% chance of randomly choosing just one of these games as being correct. Also, there are inherent flaws in our schedule as we have the home opener the same time as a scheduled Pirates game. Additionally, Bryan has the Steelers bye after a Thursday game, giving them 17 days of rest, and has too many games in prime time. On the other hand, I have the Steelers either on the road or on bye in the entire month of November. Obviously, the NFL puts a lot more time and effort into the schedule than what we did.

So which schedule did you like better? Were there any particular games that stood out in a good or bad way? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

To hear Bryan and I break down our mock schedule, check out the most recent episode of the BAD Language podcast below:

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