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SOURCE: Mike Tomlin contract extension isn’t an “if”, but a “when”

When it comes to polarizing figures in the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, there are few who could ever top Mike Tomlin. Despite being a Super Bowl winning coach, the fan base always assume they could find better if the team, or Tomlin, decided to call it quits.

While not all fans fall into the category of despising the Steelers head coach, there are a vast number who will never completely buy into the Tomlin hype. Well, if you are one of those aforementioned fans, you might want to stop reading now.

A source within the Steelers organization has made it clear the two parties are not just entrenched in contract talks, but are finalizing details. As the source said, “it isn’t ‘if’ a deal gets done, it’s ‘when'”

The Steelers know what they have in Tomlin, and Tomlin knows what he has with the team who hired him in 2007. There is both a “unity of purpose” and “unity of plan” with these contract negotiations, per the source.

What might be viewed as unique about this situation is Tomlin has essentially removed himself from negotiations, letting his agent be the one to do the heavy lifting before he approves a deal which is considered fair for both parties.

Is there distance between the two entities? Not according to Steel Curtain Network’s source. Everyone is on the same page, and confidence the deal is essentially done.

It is worth noting how the coach salaries don’t count towards the team’ salary cap, and often the details, outside of length of the contract, are never made public for that reason. Tomlin is due for an extension, and while some have wondered if he would walk away from coaching to take a job in the media, or the Steelers would want to go in a different direction, think again.

With it being only a matter of time until a deal is potentially done, you have to wonder if they will make it complete before the team reports to training camp at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA on July 26th.


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