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Should the Steelers let Russ cook?

Reported by Steel Curtain Network’s Jeff Hartman, a source within the Pittsburgh Steelers says they are looking to bring back Mason Rudolph for the 2024 season, but if they are not able to retain Rudolph, Russell Wilson may be their next player of interest. This does not mean the Steelers do not believe in Kenny Pickett, but as Head Coach Mike Tomlin said, there will be competition.

Last week on X (follow me @CGillis2021), I stated that the more I think about the possibility of Russell Wilson to Pittsburgh, the more it made sense. Wilson is a proven quarterback that has had success at the highest level in the NFL. In his career Russell Wilson has averaged per season: a completion % of 64.7, 3,637 Yards, 27.8 Touchdowns, 8 Interceptions and a QB rating of 100. With the Seattle Seahawks, Wilson also appeared in two Super Bowls while winning one of them. Russ has proven himself to be a winner at the highest level in the NFL.

Many Steelers fans are less than excited about the idea of Wilson playing in the Black and Gold due to his perceived less than stellar performance in Denver. If you take a closer look, Wilson was not as bad as the team’s record would suggest. In this past year in Denver, Wilson passed for 3,070 yards, 26 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. That level of production would be a major upgrade from what the Pittsburgh Steelers have seen from the quarterback position any of the past couple seasons. Wilson has shown he can still be very effective and a winner in the NFL when in the right situation, Denver was not the right situation.

Could Pittsburgh be the right situation? Wilson is a quarterback that would fit in Arthur Smith’s offense perfectly, he can rely on the run game and play action. With an emerging super star at wide receiver, arguable the best running duo on the NFL and a defense that was ranked 6th in points allowed in 2023, a quarterback like Wilson could be a key to success. Smith will not ask Russ to win with his arm each week, but ask him to manage the game and create a few explosive plays, similar to his time in Seattle. I believe Russell Wilson’s past season in Denver has humbled him and has him excited for a fresh start with a stable organization, and what organization is more stable than the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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