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Resetting the Steelers Draft Board Ahead of Night 2 of the NFL Draft

After the selection of Troy Fautanu in Round 1, the Pittsburgh Steelers could still look to add to the interior of the offensive line on Day 2, but there are other positions of need as well. Defensive line, wide receiver, and cornerback are also positions the team could afford to add talent at. Also, what if there are any players at a different position who drop to the Steelers and would be too good to pass up?

In this article, we are going to reset the Steelers draft board ahead of tonight, crossing off the remaining tackles and focusing on other positions of need. If you would like to check out our official draft board and check out the best remaining players overall, you can click on the link below.

2024 FFSN NFL Draft Big Board: Final Top 200 Rankings

My top 10 available players entering Day 2 are as follows:

  1. Cooper DeJean | WR | Iowa
  2. Braden Fiske | DL | Florida State
  3. Adonai Mitchell | WR | Texas
  4. Kingsley Suamataia | OT | BYU
  5. Mike Sainristill | CB | Michigan
  6. Ladd McConkey | WR | Georgia
  7. Zach Frazier | C | West Virginia
  8. Keon Coleman | WR | Florida State
  9. Junior Colson | ILB | Michigan
  10. Edgerrin Cooper | ILB | Texas A&M

Here are the top players available for the Steelers at each selection tonight, ranked according to how I believe the fit with the Steelers matches the need.

Note: I am not projecting trades here, but do not dismiss the possibility of Pittsburgh making moves up and down the board tonight.

Targets at Pick 51

30. Mike Sainristill | CB | Michigan | 5’ 10”, 185 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Early 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 15, T 44, S 1, Int 6, PD 6.
Andrew Wilbar: If you want to talk about clutch players, the conversation should start and finish with Mike Sainristill. Some players simply have the knack for coming up with big plays in big moments, and Sainristill did it time and time again during his tenure at Michigan. His size will likely limit him to the slot in the NFL, but he can cover, tackle, and even blitz. Many compare him to Bengals cornerback Mike Hilton, and, while I see why many people make that comparison, I believe Sainristill is further along in his development in coverage than Hilton was coming out of college. What is even more impressive is that he is still learning the nuances of the position. He came to Michigan as a wide receiver, and he converted to the defensive side of the ball for his final two seasons. With some of the best ball skills and instincts of any corner in the class, Sainristill has the opportunity to make a difference in the NFL right away.

23. Braden Fiske | DL | Florida State | 6’ 3” 300 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 1st
2023 Stats: GP 13, T 43, TFL 9, S 6, PD 0, FR 0, FF 0.
Jeremy Betz: Fiske is an intriguing prospect with solid size and strength, albeit lacking the elite athleticism of some of his higher ranked counterparts. Fiske wins with great technique and hand usage. Effort is never a question as a team captain known for his leadership skills. This is a defender who understands his role and gap responsibility. He’s fairly scheme proof and can play multiple spots along the IDL. Teams looking for a do-it-all DT could do worse than Fiske.

32. Zach Frazier | C | West Virginia | 6’ 2”, 306 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Ranking: Early 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 12
Shannon White: Zach Frazier was born to play center for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He grew up in Fairmont, WV. Less than an hour from the Steel City. He is a life-long Steelers fan. Frazier was a two time state champion in football, and a four time state wrestling champion. Frazier has huge hands, almost 11”, which happen to be extraordinarily strong. He has a sturdy build, with excellent upper body strength and a solid base. His athleticism is extremely underrated. However, it’s all of the intangibles that truly set Frazier apart from his peers. Class, competitiveness, and character are off the charts. Frazier was also an academic All American at WVU. Intelligence and instincts are especially important at center. Frazier is the epitome of an old school center, and seems destined to be next in line for the Steelers unmatched legacy at center.

33.  Keon Coleman | WR | Florida State | 6‘ 4“, 210 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Early 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 12, Rec 50, Yds 658, Av 13.2, TD 11.
Jeremy Betz: His mediocre Combine performance likely dropped his stock in the eyes of many evaluators, but only if they were looking at his disappointing 40 time. Watching Coleman in the gauntlet drill and as a route-runner reinforced what the tape showed time and again in 2023: Coleman plays fast. A downfield playmaker in the mold of Mike Williams, the former Seminole isn’t a high-end separator, but he is a combat catch artist and a solid vertical threat. Coleman easily boxes out defenders in the middle of the field and has great feel when high-pointing the football. If Coleman falls out of the 1st Round, the team that takes him has a chance to land a real steal at WR.

25. Adonai Mitchell | WR | Texas | 6‘ 2“, 205 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 1st
2023 Stats: GP 14, Rec 55, Yds 845, Av 15.4, TD 11.
Jeremy Betz: One of my favorite players in the Draft, Mitchell is a well-rounded outside receiver with great size and elite traits. One of the smoothest athletes you’ll ever see at Receiver, Mitchell often looks like he’s moving in slow motion, until you watch him running by defenders with ease. He boasts elite deep speed and can torch defenders down the field. If coverage is still tight, he wins at the catchpoint with great hands and incredible body control. As a route-runner, Mitchell displays good footwork and can break in and out of his cuts decisively. He does round off some of his routes, allowing defenders to stay in his hip pocket and force incompletions, and his tape is somewhat boom or bust. His speed and natural athleticism though should allow him to overcome some of his sloppier tendencies with good coaching.

36. Sedrick Van Pran | C | Georgia | 6’ 4”, 310 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Ranking: Late 1st
2023 Stats: GP 14
Andrew Wilbar: Van Pran may be the most under-the-radar superstar in this draft class. I was confident the Van Pran hype train would speed up by this point, but it hasn’t, and if it doesn’t soon, some team may be getting a steal. I am expecting Van Pran to test off the charts in Indy, as his explosiveness on tape is so evident. Creating leverage at the point of attack seems so natural and effortless for Van Pran, as his core strength and initial quickness off the snap combine to be a lethal aspect of his effectiveness in run blocking. One of the best athletes we’ve seen in awhile at the center position, Van Pran displays excellent mobility and fluidity, and he has proven to be stellar as it pertains to pulling. He will provide extra value for teams who require their center to get out in space. Teams that run a mixture of inside and outside zone concepts will love his ability to adapt to disguised blitzes and odd defensive alignments, while also being able to get to the second level as a run defender. His footwork could still use a little cleaning up, and he can get off-balanced when his stance isn’t set quick enough, but overall, I love Van Pran’s upside at the NFL level. He has perennial Pro-Bowler potential.

38.  Malachi Corley | WR | Western Kentucky | 5‘ 11“, 200 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Early 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 12, Rec 79, Yds 984, Av 12.5, TD 11.
Andrew Wilbar: Corley has gotten recent buzz in the draft community, but many casual fans are probably not super familiar with the small-school stud. If you want to talk about a guy who was consistent game in and game out, Corley is your guy. He displays fantastic hands, great vision no matter where he is at on the field, and impressive physicality over the middle of the field. Corley is a true team-first guy at receiver, which NFL teams will love. He is willing to line up out wide, in the slot, or even in the backfield as a running back. A true Deebo Samuel-type playmaker, Corley finds creative ways to get open and make the most of any situation he is put into. He is also an impressive blocker who is unafraid to impose his will against defensive backs who are inferior to him as it pertains to physicality. The level of competition may give teams enough concern to rank him below other high-profile receivers on the boards, but I still do not see him slipping outside the second round. I could justify taking him as high as the back end of Round 1, and any team getting him in Round 2 should be excited.

Targets at Pick 84

59. Ja’Lynn Polk | WR | Washington | 6‘ 2“, 203 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Mid 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 15, Rec 69, Yds 1159, Av 16.8, TD 9.
Jeremy Betz: You won’t find a bigger fan of Polk’s game than me, but there are plenty of other talent evaluators who would agree: Polk is a really solid all-round receiver and has enormous upside in the right situation. He doesn’t possess blazing speed or elite separation skills, but he is an extremely smart receiver with a knack for finding open space and making plays with the ball in his hands. “Rome Odunze light” is a great comp for Polk, and he could develop quickly into a solid WR2 at the next level. A Jack of all trades who does a little bit of everything well, but his ceiling isn’t as high as some of his more athletically gifted counterparts. Still, a locked and loaded Day 2 receiver with starter upside.

54. Roman Wilson | WR | Michigan | 6‘ 0“, 180 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Mid 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 15, Rec 48, Yds 789, Av 16.4, TD 12.
Nolan Keck: Another accelerator who ran a 4.39 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, Roman Wilson has the explosiveness to run past defenders and get separation in the slot. Very competitive and focused when the ball is contested, Roman has good post-catch acceleration on West Coast routes for yards after catch. In a ground and pound offense at Michigan, he made crucial plays against Alabama and Washington in the CFP National Championship, but his small frame will limit his usage as a blocker. He doesn’t have ideal size as a WR, but he has good hands, elite route running and the ability to get open, comparable to Tyler Lockett.

58. Max Melton | CB | Rutgers | 6’ 0”, 190 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Mid 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 12, T 32, S 1, Int 3, PD 6.
Nolan Keck: Max Melton is a highly instinctive CB who improved every year he played at Rutgers and flashed a 4.39 40 at the combine. He uses his dynamic ball skills and good size and length to beat receivers to the ball, and he’s very aggressive at the catch point. He’s at his best when he instinctively gets a jump on the football in zone coverage. He’s good at reading the receiver, but at times relies on reading the receiver’s eyes instead of following the football. He’s a physical defender in the run game, but needs to improve his angles of attack. He’s got the athletic bloodline as both his parents played sports at Rutgers and his brother, Bo Melton, is currently a wideout for the Packers. He’s at his best in off coverage and zone, but he has the versatility to carve out a significant role in the NFL.

61. Jaden Hicks | S | Washington State | 6’ 3”, 202 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 12, T 79, S 2.5, Int 2, PD 4.
Jeremy Betz: If you like football, you’ll love Jaden Hicks’ tape. Hicks is a big strong safety, but he also brings incredible range and versatility to the defensive backfield. He boasts great length and good athleticism, allowing him to close on the ball quickly in coverage and track down ball-carriers on the ground. At his size, you’d love to put him in the box and let him patrol the middle of the field, but he’s a better coverage safety than a run defender at this point in his career, so teams would be wise to give him more of a Kyle Hamilton-like role, moving him around the field. He can cover TE’s and bigger-bodied receivers in the slot, and shows plenty of instincts to anchor down the center-fielder role as well. Should be a starting caliber safety in Year 1.

72. Ruke Orhorhoro | DL | Clemson | 6’ 4” 295 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Early 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 12, T 25, TFL 8, S 5, PD 1, FR 0, FF 0.
Nolan Keck: An All-ACC vocal leader and multiple year Defensive Tackle for the Clemson Tigers, Ruke Orhorhoro has literally come a long way from Lagos, Nigeria. With only two years of high school football before becoming a 3-star recruit, he’s now a high-ceiling NFL Draft prospect. He has the size, strength, and athleticism to make it to the NFL. He has good leverage and extension, and he’s hard to move in one-on-one blocks. Very good accelerator off the line of scrimmage, he’s an impressive bull-rusher. However, he’s still learning how to use his hands, and his lower body strength isn’t as impressive as his upper body. He’s already had surgeries to his knee and shoulder, so durability is an issue. In the later rounds, an NFL team may very well take a chance on Ruke’s versatility, seeking to capitalize on his promise.

80. Maason Smith | DL | LSU | 6’ 6” 292 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Mid 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 12, T 28, TFL 4.5, S 2.5, PD 2, FR 0, FF 0.
Noah_E: I went into this excited to see what Maason Smith has to offer and I could not be more disappointed. He’s slow off the line, there is a severe lack of power in his game, and he gets eaten alive by double teams. He doesn’t know how to use his hands whatsoever and he consistently plays off balance. His pad level is atrocious and more often than not he gets stopped instantly on contact. He has a decent arm-over move that wins sometimes, but he lacks any pass rush moves outside of that. It’s not all bad though. Smith is a good athlete who’s just 21 and flashed potential during his freshman season, before he tore his ACL. His size gives him a good foundation to be a starting caliber defensive lineman. If he goes anytime before Day 3 it would be a reach.

74. Jalen McMillen | WR | Washington | 6‘ 1“, 180 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Early 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 11, Rec 45, Yds 559, Av 12.4, TD 5.
Noah_E: On paper his stats don’t look amazing, but Jalen McMillan was the third receiver in probably the best receiving corps in the country and still managed to put up almost 80 ypg as well as 12.4 ypc. In 2022 as a redshirt junior he went for 1000 yards and 9 touchdowns. He’s a quick, and shifty slot receiver that creates separation with ease. He catches everything and he’s a good athlete who never really got the chance to show it while he was at Washington. His release package is elite and he’s a very nuanced route runner. McMillan is also a pretty physical player and doesn’t get thrown off his route very easily. After the catch he lacks explosiveness and he hasn’t shown that he has much outside versatility. Overall he just isn’t very flashy and I question if his ceiling is much higher than where he is now. McMillan is and will be a good player, despite his slot limitation.

66. Jermaine Burton | WR | Alabama | 6‘ 0“, 200 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Early 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 13, Rec 39, Yds 798, Av 20.5, TD 8.
Jeremy Betz: One of the most polarizing players in the entire Draft, Burton boasts high-end playmaking ability in all areas of the field, but off the field has a ton of issues that teams will have to consider when evaluating him. On talent alone, Burton deserves to be mentioned with the Draft’s best, combining dangerous downfield speed with shifty route running and great YAC ability. Every touch has the ability to go the distance, and while his isn’t a big-bodied pass catcher, he is well built and plays with toughness at the LOS and in the middle of the field. His off-field issues will likely knock him way down the board, but he has a chance to be a true steal if he can focus on football and stay out of trouble off the gridiron.

Targets at Pick 98

55. Javon Bullard | S | Georgia | 5’ 11”, 180 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Mid 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 12, T 56, S 0, Int 2, PD 5.
Andrew Wilbar: Bullard’s 2023 numbers may not jump off the page, but he was asked to do a lot of different things and wear many different hats. Versatility is definitely his calling card, as he can play high safety, boundary corner, and nickel corner. He is a little tight in the hips, which affects his backpedal and tackling form, but that is a fixable issue. Teams will fall in love with his dedication to football and passion for the game. He may not be the biggest player, but he is an instinctual player who displays great awareness and anticipation. While he has experience aligning at high safety, he is not the most natural as it pertains to roving over a large portion of ground. As versatile as he is, he will need a more defined role at the NFL level. After running a sub-4.5 40, Bullard should be taken no later than Round 3, and it would not be a shock if he is selected at some point in Round 2.

73. Malik Washington | WR | Virginia | 5‘ 9“, 192 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Early 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 12, Rec 110, Yds 1426, Av 13, TD 9.
Jeremy Betz: Washington may be short of stature, but he is one of the most competitive receivers in this class. Built for racking up yards after the catch, Washington has high-end quickness and is a good separator, especially at the LOS where he beats press-man with suddenness and surprising power out of his stance. Washington can motor, and is a good vertical receiver as well. He projects as an underneath catch and run receiver who can also get down the field in a hurry. Getting him on the move pre-snap is a fantastic way for teams to utilize his speed, especially on crossers and runaway routes designed to maximize his playmaking ability after the catch.

81. Mason McCormick | OT/G/C | South Dakota State | 6’ 5”, 315 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Ranking: Mid 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 15
Andrew Wilbar: McCormick is one of the more versatile linemen in this class, and he has taken full advantage of the pre-draft process, boosting his draft stock significantly. Built in the mold of a center, McCormick likely moves to the inside at the NFL level, as he is a little too stiff in pass protection to fend off bendier pass rushers on the edge. Personally, I like him at guard to start off, as the learning curve will be less steep than it would be at center. Even if center is his best long-term fit, he will not be ready to play there in Year 1. On the flip side, he is an experienced player who played in 57 straight games and was made a team captain three years in a row. His awareness and recognition in pass protection has allowed him to enjoy consistency throughout that time frame, and that is something that will translate immediately to the NFL. If he can improve his leg drive and learn how to win the battle for leverage off the line, he has the upside of an above-average starting center.

95. Malik Mustapha | S | Wake Forest | 5’ 10”, 197 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 12, T 80, S .5, Int 1, PD 2.
Andrew Wilbar: Mustapha has become one of my favorite mid-round prospects in this class. I love natural strong safeties with plus athleticism and an old-school mindset, and that defines Mustafa’s game. While he does not have elite size, he knows how to lay a hit on a receiver. A sound tackler in the open field, Mustapha displays great technique and takes smart tackling angles, and he also possesses good reaction speed in coverage. He lacks elite instincts, and that would probably be my biggest knock on him. However, With someone who can cover and tackle as consistently as he does, I believe he can overcome that. He almost reminds me of a smaller Terrell Edmunds, as he thrives in man coverage, consistently assists in the run game, and matches up extremely well against tight ends. If Mustapha falls to Day 3 of the draft, I believe teams could be getting a true difference maker at safety at an incredible value.

93. Ainias Smith | WR | Texas A&M | 5‘ 10“, 190 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 12, Rec 53, Yds 795, Av 15, TD 2.
Andrew Wilbar: I have had my eye on Ainias Smith for a couple seasons now, and despite facing adversity, he has battled through and developed into an intriguing draft prospect. He was arrested in 2022 with DWI and gun charges, but those charges were later dismissed. While I felt as if he never reached his full potential with the Aggies, his versatility was definitely put on display, as he aligned in the X-receiver position, the slot, and even running back. With the vision to find holes, the elusiveness to escape defenders, and the quickness to get upfield, Smith projects as a guy who can fill any of the aforementioned roles at the next level. His lack of size may limit him more to slot receiver and change-of-pace running back, but his game fits the modern NFL. Smith runs sharp underneath routes and is dangerous after the catch, which gives him immediate value to NFL teams. The production may not have been earth-shattering in 2023, but Smith is still a guy you should highlight as a name to watch once we get to the middle rounds of the draft.

107. Tanor Bortolini | C | Wisconsin | 6’ 4”, 306 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Ranking: Early 4th
2023 Stats: GP 12
Nolan Keck: Starting Center for the Wisconsin Badgers in 22 out of their last 23 games, Tanor Bortolini allowed only 1 sack in 477 pressure opportunities, posting an 80.3 PFF pass blocking grade, which was the highest on the team and 7th overall in the Big Ten. A versatile lineman who can play all over the offensive line, he’s a proficient zone run-blocker, and catches rushers off guard in pass protection with his jabs. He has shorter arms and his stocky frame isn’t ideal, projecting him as a depth piece or perhaps a future Guard in the NFL.

89. Elijah Jones | CB | Boston College | 6’ 2”, 185 lbs.
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 9, T 25, S 0, Int 5, PD 8.
Jeremy Betz: Long and lean, Elijah Jones is an intriguing mid-round corner prospect who projects as an outside press-man defender at the next level. He’s not extremely physical, but he knows how to disrupt Wide Receivers at the LOS and affect the route concept. Displays plenty of speed to stay in Receiver’s hip pockets down the field. Would benefit from a man-heavy scheme and needs a lot of coaching to improve his footwork and play recognition if he wants to stick in the NFL. Teams looking for NFL length and strong man-coverage skills will be more likely to take a swing on Jones.

Which prospects do you want the Steelers to take? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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