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Projecting the Steelers Biggest Team Needs Going Into 2025

We are still months away from seeing this Steelers team take the field in meaningful action, but there are definite areas which could pose a problem going into 2025. As we enter the dog days of the football calendar, it is a great time to take a look at what might be on the horizon after the conclusion of the upcoming season.

If you have read my work for awhile, I am not afraid to give my honest opinions on players, positions of need, or really anything else, for that matter. No matter how much fans may disagree, I stick to what I believe, and the case is no different today. Many way-too-early mock drafts have the Steelers taking a quarterback in Round 1 next offseason, but I am, for once, optimistic about what the Steelers have to offer at quarterback. I am confident at least one of Russell Wilson or Justin Fields (most likely Fields) will provide true value for the Steelers in 2025 and potentially beyond. While many fans continue to chatter about taking a quarterback in the upcoming draft, you will not see the position at all on this list. That is how confident I am in what the Steelers have at quarterback right now.

I also do not have wide receiver on this list, as I believe Roman Wilson can develop into a strong complementary piece to George Pickens in Year 2. I believe the need at wide receiver is much more prevalent this season, as Wilson is still raw and needs to learn how to get off the line when faced against press coverage.

Here are the positions I do see as major needs heading into 2025:

Defensive Line

I believe an extension with Cameron Heyward is imminent, and Cam has shown no signs of regression, but just earlier this offseason, there were talks he could potentially hang it up. No matter how long he plans on staying, the Steelers need to begin searching for his long-term replacement. Not to mention, there is a strong possibility the Steelers move on from Larry Ogunjobi after this season to clear up cap space. Fortunately for the Steelers, this upcoming draft is projected to be loaded with talent along the defensive line, and, while not all the first-round prospects fit the Steelers’ prototype 5-technique mold, there are several prospects who could bring similar traits to the table.


If Joey Porter, Jr. ascends to the elite tier of cornerbacks in the NFL in Year 2, I think the Steelers can get by at cornerback. However, 2025 looks much more murky. Donte Jackson is far from a sure thing this season, and he is a free agent once the season is done. I like the odds of Cory Trice developing into starter material, but despite talent of guys like Trice, Darius Rush, Beanie Bishop, and others, not everyone is going to develop into a star. The Steelers are not set at CB2 or in the slot in 2025, and at least one of those spots will likely need to be addressed next year.

Running Back

This one may get the natives restless, but I am not sold on the Steelers running back corps past this season. Jaylen Warren is a good running back, but I do not yet trust him to be a workhorse back for an offense. He is best in a part-time role where he can thrive off freshness and efficiency. I also do not think the Steelers should pay Najee Harris at the end of this season. If you have read my work for any length of time, you know my conviction about running backs: they are a dime a dozen. The success of a running back is too highly predicated on the offensive line to warrant any big-sized, or even medium-sized, handouts to players at that position. I firmly believe it is the easiest position to draft in the mid to late rounds, and capable backs become available at a very cheap rate. Najee is a good running back, but unless the running back is a generational talent, I will not likely be a proponent of giving him a second contract. Draft a new running mate for Jaylen Warren and invest the excess money elsewhere.

What are your thoughts on these potential positions of need for the Steelers? Be sure to light up the comment section below with your thoughts on this and all things Pittsburgh Steelers!


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