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Projected starting quarterback matchups for the Steelers in 2024

The 2024 NFL regular season schedule is released, and this is when everyone pours over the schedule for every tiny nuance they can find with a fine-toothed comb. But sometimes the biggest matchups are those on the field, not when a bye week falls or when your division games are played.

And when you’re talking about matchups, there is none larger than at the quarterback position. So, thinking about that I decided to look at the projected starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 regular season. For some teams it’s a no-brainer, while others are going to have a battle on their hands this preseason. What about the rookies?

Nothing is set in stone at this juncture, and injuries can derail the best laid plans. Nonetheless, let’s get to the matchups:

Week 1, September 8th: at Atlanta Falcons – Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins’ new home and new team. Arthur Smith’s old home and old team. Can the Steelers spoil the Cousins party?

Week 2, September 15th: at Denver Broncos – Jarrett Stidham / Bo Nix

Not sure who will be quarterback at this stage of the season, but I like the Steelers chances with either one.

Week 3, September 22nd: vs. Los Angeles Chargers – Justin Herbert

Despite an injury-filled and subpar 2023, Herbert is still one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL.

Week 4, September 29th: at Indianapolis Colts – Anthony Richardson

Richardson didn’t play much last season before getting injured; therefore, this is more like an extension of his rookie season. Should be interesting in Week 4.

Week 5, October 6th (SNF): vs. Dallas Cowboys – Dak Prescott

Dak is playing for a new contract in Dallas, if one isn’t already given to him before the start of the season, and nothing is a stronger motivator than that.

Week 6, October 13th: at Las Vegas Raiders – Gardner Minshew / Aidan O’Connell

Another team with a quarterback battle heading into the season. If I were a betting man, Minshew wins the battle. Let’s also not forget how Minshew carved up the Steelers in Indianapolis last year.

Week 7, October 20th (SNF): vs. New York Jets – Aaron Rodgers

Will he make it out of Week 1? Only time will tell if he still has it…

Week 8, October 28th (MNF): vs. New York Giants – Daniel Jones

Will the Giants still believe in Daniel Jones as their franchise quarterback? They paid him as such, so there’s a chance he’s still in the lineup in Week 8.

Week 9, November 3rd: BYE

Week 10, November 10th: at Washington Commanders – Jaylen Daniels

Jeff Driskel is also on the Commanders depth chart, but I feel pretty confident about Daniels being in the lineup at this stage of the season…if not from the get-go.

Week 11, November 17th: vs. Baltimore Ravens – Lamar Jackson

Last time the Ravens and Lamar Jackson beat the Steelers? 2019.

Week 12, November 21st (TNF): at Cleveland Browns – Deshaun Watson

There are rumors of the Browns wondering if Watson even wants to play football anymore. That would explain the Jameis Winston signing this offseason. Who knows who will be the quarterback at this stage of the season.

Week 13, December 1st: at Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow

Unless Burrow’s wrist is still injured he remains one of the biggest threats not just in the AFC North, but the AFC.

Week 14: December 8th: vs. Cleveland Browns – Deshaun Watson

Come to think of it, would it be better if Watson actually is in the lineup?

Week 15: December 15th: at Philadelphia Eagles – Jalen Hurts

What if Hurts is out for this game and Kenny Pickett played?? Hurts is a big-time problem though whenever he’s in the lineup.

Week 16: December 21st (Sat): at Baltimore Ravens – Lamar Jackson

I’ll say it again. Last time the Ravens and Lamar Jackson beat the Steelers? 2019.

Week 17: December 25th (Wed): vs. Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes

He’s a Super Bowl champion for a reason. This is never easy.

Week 18: TBD: vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow

This game might be meaningless for one, or both of the two teams. Or it could be a primetime game with the postseason in the balance.

Throughout this exercise I had to ask myself which quarterback I thought would be playing at a specific juncture of the season. At the same time, I found myself wondering which Steelers quarterback will be in the lineup at each stage of the season.

Should make for an interesting season. Be sure to stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the team as they press on throughout the offseason.


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