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Predicting passing statistics for Steelers QBs in 2023

Preseason buzz is at its peak, and the excitement surrounding the Steelers offense is gaining traction. With about a month to go until the season kicks off, it is a good time to begin making predictions about the offense.

This week, we will be taking a look at both the passing aspect of the offense, breaking it down player-by-player to analyze what reasonable expectations for each player should be. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the receiving game.

Diontae Johnson and Allen Robinson provide veteran leadership to a deep receiver room, but who will be the WR1 in this offense? Can George Pickens become a true number one? We will take a closer look at what reasonable expectations truly are for the Steelers’ receiving entities.

Note: This exercise will only include those predicted to pass for over 100 yards.

Kenny Pickett

Attempts: 529
Completions: 357
Yards: 3,942
Touchdowns: 27
Interceptions: 11

I could definitely see Pickett toying with 4,000 passing yards in 2022, considering the improved offensive line and great supporting cast of weapons. If George Pickens truly does emerge into an elite wide receiver, defenses are going to struggle stopping this Steelers offense. Diontae Johnson is still a competent number two, and the savvy veteran Allen Robinson will still demand attention in the slot. We have not even talked about Pat Freiermuth and Najee Harris in the passing game.

I realize the Steelers want to be a run-first team, but I struggle to see them throwing the ball less this year. I expect a slightly more up-tempo offense, which, if efficient on a consistent basis, will result in more offensive snaps. I think this bodes well for a passing offense that is built to spread the ball around. While I do not expect any major injuries from Kenny this year, there is always the possibility he goes out for a set of downs after getting the wind knocked out of him the previous play. I also see several teams on the schedule the Steelers may be able to blow out of the water early on, allowing Pickett to be taken out of the game early. Other than that, I expect a healthy, more efficient Kenny Pickett in 2023.

Mitch Trubisky

Attempts: 73
Completions: 44
Yards: 487
Touchdowns: 3
Interceptions: 1

Trubisky is one of the most unfairly treated quarterbacks in the league. Just a mistake or two in the preseason is apparently enough for a fan base to lose all patience with the talented veteran, but I digress. I am quite happy with the Steelers quarterback room behind Kenny Pickett, as I am confident in Trubisky’s ability to keep the team afloat in the event Pickett goes down with injury. Nonetheless, I try not to predict nor anticipate injuries, especially with Steelers players.

I see Trubisky as a guy who may close out several games that are not close in the fourth quarter. While I do not foresee him attempting more than 100 passes this season, I do believe he can prove his worth to the fan base with solid production in the games he participates in.

How do you see the Steelers passing game faring in 2023? Be sure to join our FFSN and SCN community by signing up for a free account and then commenting down below!


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