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Kwon Alexander working towards being ready for the 2024 NFL season

The Pittsburgh Steelers had an excellent plan at the inside linebacker position going into the 2023 season. After signing Cole Holcomb and Elandon Roberts in free agency, the Steelers also added Kwon Alexander just after the team reported to training camp. With three players holding down the position that generally needs no more than two, the Steelers had options as they developed their rotation.

But in Week 9, everything started to unravel. Cole Holcomb went down with a bad knee injury which caused him to miss the remainder of the season and has left his availability for 2024 still in question. With the Steelers having three players for two positions, they still had adequate options going forward. But it only took until the next game to where misfortune struck the position again when Kwon Alexander was lost for the year with a torn Achilles.

The Steelers managed to get through the 2023 season at inside linebacker even with Elandon Roberts missing one complete game and the majority of another due to injury. Roberts showed his perseverance and stepped up at the position in a big way while the Steelers Also called Myles Jack off the couch to come in and help hold down the position.

Heading into the 2024 offseason, the Steelers still had Cole Holcomb under contract for two seasons as well a Elandon Roberts for the upcoming 2024 campaign. But for Kwon Alexander, he only signed a one-year contract for 2023 and is still a free agent. The biggest question with teams who could be looking for Alexander’s services is how soon would he be able to get back on the field after suffering such an injury?

There might be a little more insight into the situation as Alexander posted a workout video to his Twitter/X account on Friday:

(WARNING: The video contains explicit language)

While Steelers fans continue to wait on reports of Holcomb’s progress and availability, Alexander seems to be progressing quite well in hopes to return for his 10th season in 2024 despite turning 30 in August. Whether or not a return to the Steelers would be in the cards, or to any one of his five former NFL teams, remains to be seen. But it is good to see a player who stepped up for the Steelers last season and suffered a bad injury is on his way to recovery.

How close is Alexander to being in ready to play football at the highest level? I’ll leave that decision to the experts. But for Alexander to put a video out there of his workouts for the whole world to see, he must be confident that he is well on his way for any team who is looking for his services in 2024.


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