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Knee Jerk Reactions To The Steelers Week 5 Victory Over The Ravens

The idiom “a knee jerk reaction” means that you respond to something in an equally unthinking way. That’s something as sports fans that we typically do, and if it’s in an unthinking way then I definitely qualify. Knee jerks apply especially if you are a full blood Yinzer, or even just a part Yinzer, who am I fooling it’s more like if you are a Steeler fan in general. As is the custom, I compile my knee-jerk thoughts and publish them immediately after each Steelers game (my son Kyle might have a few things to say as well). It’s my version of running my mouth first and apologizing later (if at all). So with that being said, it’s time to react to the Steelers Week 5 matchup against the Ravens. Let’s get this going, HERE……WE……GO!!!

1st Quarter

  • Looks like the Steelers won the coin toss. At least they can say they won something today.
  • On 3rd & 2 the defense gives up a 27-yard run to Lamar Jackson. Typical.
  • The defense doesn’t give up another yard and forces a punt. However Kyle says that’s not a great thing because now the offense has to come on the field.
  • The Steelers managed to pick up a first down on their first possession and it even happened in the first quarter, that’s new
  • On 3rd down and four Kenny Pickett threw it to……..nobody. Pickett and Pickens not on the same page.
  • I hate all the huge gaps I see in the Steelers zone.
  • Nothing like seeing the Ravens hand off the ball at the 15-yard line and not one Steeler lay a hand on the running back on his way to the end zone. Raven 7, Steelers 0.
  • Didn’t like that call, as both Najee Harris and Calvin Austin are standing around and are actually no part of the play.
  • Lots of boo birds coming out in Acrisure.
  • Yet another third down where Kenny Pickett and his receiver were not on the same page.
  • That’s the Steelers offense I’m used to seeing. Three and out.
  • Kyle said he liked that defensive play, until two guys missed the tackle to give up the first down.
  • For the second or third time in the game I’ve seen Alex Highsmith being held and have yet to see a flag.
  • End of the first quarter. Raven 7, Steelers 0.
  • Steelers out gained 143-20 in the quarter. Inept on both sides of the ball.

2nd Quarter

  • Levi Wallace can’t tackle.
  • On 3rd and goal, the Ravens receiver dropped a wide open touchdown.
  • Tucker kicks the field goal. Ravens 10, Steelers 0. That’s probably more than enough points for the Ravens to win this game.
  • Steelers get a holding penalty on the kickoff and will start deep in their own territory again.
  • Kenny doesn’t throw it to a wide open Allen Robinson and instead throws into a perfectly covered Darnell Washington for an incomplete pass.
  • Nice catch by Pickens on the sidelines for 21 yards.
  • Apparently the only play the Steelers know how to run is the back shoulder throw on the sidelines. They just ran it for the fourth time this game.
  • On 3rd down and six, Pickett gets absolutely hammered by an unblocked blitzer that he failed to see.
  • The Steelers can’t even get pressure on Lamar Jackson when they rush six guys.
  • The Steelers were getting toasted on that screenplay until Larry Oganjobi knocks the ball away and the Steelers recover.
  • What was that throw?
  • Nice run by George Pickens.
  • That 2nd and 10 play was doomed from the start, as Warren caught the ball seven yards behind the line of scrimmage and fought to get back to the original line.
  • A terrible looking play on third down brings out the boo birds again.
  • Thankfully Boswell knocks through the field goal. Ravens 10, Steelers 3.
  • Steelers get the Ravens to 3rd & 11, but give up a 19-yard gain to Mark Andrews.
  • Lamar Jackson, let me introduce you to Trent Jordan Watt.
  • Steelers get them to 3rd & 18 and give up a huge pass to Zay Flowers, putting the Ravens into field goal territory. That’s awful defense.
  • The Ravens go for it on 4th and 2 in field goal range, and they don’t come anywhere close to making it. Very questionable call right there.
  • End of the first half. Ravens 10, Steelers 3.

3rd Quarter

  • On 3rd and a yard and a half the Steelers put Gunnar O in motion and everybody knew it would be a run. Najee gets stuffed. Another Matt Canada special, three and out.
  • Just another play with wide open receivers for the Ravens.
  • The defense holds up at midfield and forces the punt. Nice job of contain on Jackson on the 3rd down play.
  • So far the best thing I can say about this Steelers drive is that it netted a first down.
  • Is it me or does Kenny Pickett just look like he plays scared?
  • That third down play was awful. Kenny looked scared again.
  • Long pass play on the first play for the Ravens. The Steelers are challenging but will probably not win this one. It will probably be ruled a catch and a fumble out of bounds which will not change anything.
  • The review ended up just as I said.
  • Alex Highsmith with a sack! But it won’t count because of a hold on Minkah Fitzpatrick.
  • Kwon Alexander with a sack! Forces a Ravens punt.
  • Nice catch George Pickens
  • And another to Pickens.
  • End of the third quarter. Ravens 10, Steelers 3.

4th Quarter

  • On third down Kenny Pickett looks like a scared little girl, and is sacked. The Steelers go from the chance to get points to punting the ball back to the Ravens. That’s probably it for this game. Fire Canada.
  • Holding call on the Ravens makes it 1st & 20.
  • Now it’s 3rd & 21. Will the soft zone give up a first?
  • Nope, the defense holds it and gets it back for the offense.
  • Steelers blocked the punt. It ends as a safety. Ravens 10, Steelers 5.
  • The Steelers line up under center on second and seven and predictably hand it to Naiee who gets stuffed in the backfield. Fire Canada.
  • That big play for a first down by Jaylen Warren was all Jaylen Warren.
  • Jaylen Warren down inside the 5-yard line.
  • Things stall once the Steelers got the 1st & goal. Fire Canada.
  • Boswell knocks through the field goal. Ravens 10, Steelers 8.
  • The defense holds the Ravens to a three and out. Can the offense drive the football?
  • Gunner O  fumbles the punt return. And sets the Ravens up to score. Gunner should be cut this week.
  • Fire Matt Canada, fire Gunner O.
  • Joey Porter Jr. intercepts the Lamar Jackson pass in the end zone. The Steelers still have life.
  • The one-yard run with Najee Harris brings out some boo birds.
  • The offense quickly is facing a 3rd & 9.
  • Thankfully the third down is converted to Allen Robinson.
  • Another 3rd down for the Steelers.
  • George Pickens doing George Pickens things. The only frustration is how many times will the Steelers run that same exact play?
  • Pickett a Pickens! Pickett a Pickens! Pickett a Pickens!!!!!
  • Steelers do not convert the two-point conversion. Steelers 14, Ravens 10.
  • If the Steelers are going to play that soft zone, they’re going to let the Ravens march it right down the field.
  • Highsmith with the strip sack! T.J. Watt with the fumble recovery!
  • A penalty that should have never happened to the Steelers. Happened on 3rd down and saved the Ravens 40 seconds. Boswell does make the kick. Steelers 17, Ravens 10.
  • Ravens hold Alex Highsmith on the second down run by Lamar Jackson. It burns up some time and comes back plus 10 yards.
  • The Steelers get the Ravens to 4th & 7.
  • T. J. WATT!!!!!
  • Victory formation. 3-2-1 WIN!
  • Matt Canada and Gunner O still both need to go.

Once again, I just fired off what was going through my head at the time. All reactions were in real time. Basically, it is the equivalent of watching the game with a me and Kyle, you just don’t have to go to another room because of my screaming at the television (sometimes Kyle leaves the room). Now time to process it, some quick analyzing for the Scho Bro Show, and then put it behind me as we move toward the bye week and then Week 7 and the Rams. Make sure you get your voice heard in the comments below.


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