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Knee Jerk Reactions To The Steelers Week 4 Shellacking By The Texans

The idiom “a knee jerk reaction” means that you respond to something in an equally unthinking way. That’s something as sports fans that we typically do, and if it’s in an unthinking way then I definitely qualify. Knee jerks apply especially if you are a full blood Yinzer, or even just a part Yinzer, who am I fooling it’s more like if you are a Steeler fan in general. As is the custom, I compile my knee-jerk thoughts and publish them immediately after each Steelers game (my son Kyle might have a few things to say as well). It’s my version of running my mouth first and apologizing later (if at all). So with that being said, it’s time to react to the Steelers Week 4 matchup against the Texans. Let’s get this going, HERE……WE……GO!!!

1st Quarter

  • Needing the Steelers to show up today. I woke up with this uneasy feeling that they weren’t going to play well today, and I need them to prove me wrong.
  • Steelers win the toss and defer to the second half.
  • And it looks like the run defense forgot to show up for the Steelers, giving up over 10 yards on the first carry.
  • Now the defense decides to let the quarterback run for 10 yards.
  • The Steelers blitz and get burned with a screen. Houston’s now near the 10-yard line and the Steelers defense looks like a JV team.
  • And the Steelers let the quarterback scramble for a touchdown. Worried that my early morning premonition is coming true. After review he was ruled short of the end zone, but I don’t see the defense keeping them out.
  • After a false start penalty the Steelers get burned a second time on a screen pass for a touchdown. And the defense lucks out again with another penalty on the Texans.
  • After a couple of good plays Minkah gets flagged for pass interference. That was an extremely weak call. Minkah gets shafted two weeks in a row. That’s ridiculous.
  • On second and goal after the ridiculous call on Minkah the Texans are able to punch it into the end zone. Houston 7, Steelers 0.
  • Does the Steelers offense have a quick three and out in their future? We are about to find out.
  • Offense quickly the third down and seven. If they miss getting a third down conversion here it will be another great start for the offense and Matt Canada.
  • Pickett scrambles and makes the first down. Canada off the hook?
  • Apparently the offensive line didn’t know the play there and left someone unblocked to crush Kenny Pickett in the backfield.
  • Pickett throws deep in is intercepted. Does the start for the Steelers get much worse?
  • Looks like the Steelers tried to go back to the well on the same exact path play that Calvin Austin scored on last week, and the Texans were ready for it.
  • The Texans are running the ball against the Steelers quite easily.
  • The Steelers defense isn’t stopping the run at all. Even on plays where I can tell they’re going to run the ball, the Steelers aren’t stopping it.
  • The defense comes up with a third down stop and the Texans settle for a field goal. Houston 10, Steelers 0.
  • Dan Moore hit the injury tent and Broderick Jones is in it left tackle for the Steelers.
  • Najee runs into his own player and gets knocked into the backfield where he’s tackled for a loss.
  • The offense looks like the typical early game Steeler offense and goes three and out.
  • End of the first quarter, Houston 10, Steelers 0.

2nd Quarter

  • The Texans run the ball when they want, they’re having no problem throwing the ball where they want, the Steelers defense looks junior varsity.
  • The defense can play this bend but don’t break style when you have an offense like the Steelers had with the killer B’s, but with this offense this defense needs to stop people.
  • The defense stiffens, but will give up another field goal. This doesn’t work when the Steelers offense can’t score. Houston 13, Steelers 0.
  • Matt Canada dials up a play on first down that’s a pass to Freirmouth for -5 yards.
  • The Steelers offense goes three and out yet again. This is pathetic.
  • All the progress and optimism that people felt was made on offense last week against the Raiders has now just gone back to gloom and despair. The offense has managed just 17 first half yards. And negative one yards passing.
  • If the Steelers defense gives up any points on this possession, this game could be considered over.
  • Another pitch and catch for 19 yards for Houston.
  • The Texans go for it on 4th and 1 and the Steelers come up with a stop. Miracles can happen.
  • Two runs from Najee nets a first down, but the Steelers are now facing a third and eight. The passing game looks pitiful.
  • On third and eight the Steelers throw a swing pass 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage, that’s never going to get the job done.
  • Another big chunk play in the passing game for Houston. The offense sucks, the defense sucks, the Steelers just overall suck.
  • After that big pass play the defense holds and forces a punt.
  • Just as the Steelers start to move the ball in the 2-minute drill, Pickett is sacked.
  • Just looking at the Steelers offensive play designs, they appear to be so basic, there’s nothing in it to try to get people open.
  • When the Steelers do complete a third down pass to Pickens, Freiermouth gets called for interference. Was a bit of a ticky tack call on the opposite side of the field as where the play went.
  • The Steelers come up well short on the third down play.
  • How about the Steelers give up 42 yards on the first play after they give Houston the ball back?
  • The Steelers tackling is definitely not good.
  • Houston’s going to tack on a field goal at the end of the half. Houston 16, Steelers 0.
  • Steelers out gained 271-53 in the first half.

3rd Quarter

  • Najee overcomes running into his own player behind the line of scrimmage for a first down run.
  • And the Steelers just like that find themselves in third and long.
  • A catch by Austin gets the Steelers into Texans territory for the first time today.
  • Looks like Houston knew that third down run was coming, as four guys were in the backfield to meet Jalyen Warren.
  • Boswell comes on to knock through the field goal. Houston 16, Steelers 3.
  • T.J. Watt gets pressure on third down forcing an incompletion. Actually it turns into an intentional grounding call. Texans will punt.
  • Great individual play by Najee on the third down play. Muth is now down, not good.
  • On third down and goal, Pickett threw the ball over the short receiver and well short of the longer receiver, so I can’t even tell who that pass was intended for.
  • Boswell hits again. Houston 16, Steelers 6.
  • Steelers give up an initial first down, but on third down and nine Highsmith gets his hand on the quarterback as he goes to throw, forcing an incompletion. The offense will get it back. Time to do something with it.
  • Mount Washington gets his first reception of the game and turns it into a first down.
  • Jalen Warren fumbles, luckily Kenny was able to fall on it. Now it’s 2nd & 18.
  • Now it’s 3rd & 18, this series is destined to do nothing for the Steelers after a promising start.
  • Pickens makes the catch to get it to a 4th & 1 The Steelers take a time out to think about it.
  • The Steelers are going to go for it on 4th down. Let’s see what kind of lousy play Canada can call up on this one.
  • Not looking good as the Steelers go shotgun. And Pickett gets sacked. Great call Matt. And now Kenny Pickett is down. Extra great call there Matt.
  • The Steelers go from driving the ball themselves to now allowing Houston to drive the ball on them.
  • End of the third quarter. Houston 16, Steelers 6.

4th Quarter

  • 3rd & 12, the quarterback is able to hold it forever and eventually find someone in front of Levi Wallace for a first down.
  • There was all kinds of room for the runner on that play.
  • The Steelers allow the running back to throw the ball to a wide open receiver in the end zone. This has been a failure of a day all around. Houston 23, Steelers 6.
  • When the Steelers needed the defense to come up big, they allow Houston to drive the ball for almost 6 minutes and score touchdown.
  • The response that you get from the Trubisky led offense? Let’s try three and out.
  • Everybody in the stadium knows that the Texans want to run it, and the Steelers miss four tackles.
  • Just find the wide open spots in the Steelers soft zone and exploit them.
  • And the Steelers give up another long touchdown pass. If Coach Tomlin was not on a hot seat before he should be now. Both coordinators should be fired. This was pathetic. Texans 30, Steelers 6.
  • Jaylen Warren fumbles on the very next play, and Houston returns it for a touchdown. Luckily he was ruled down by contact or this game would have gotten even worse.
  • Thank God the Steelers just ran the clock out. Pathetic on offense, pathetic on defense, just plain pathetic showing overall. Not one positive thing to look at after that game.
  • There should be some coaches on the hot seat after that performance.

Once again, I just fired off what was going through my head at the time. All reactions were in real time. Basically, it is the equivalent of watching the game with a me and Kyle, you just don’t have to go to another room because of my screaming at the television (sometimes Kyle leaves the room). Now time to process it, some quick analyzing for the Scho Bro Show, and then put it behind me as we move toward, Week 5 and the Ravens. Make sure you get your voice heard in the comments below.


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