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How many players for the 2024 Steelers are not on the roster yet?

Trai Turner. Larry Ogunjobi. Malik Reed. Kwon Alexander.

These are just a few examples in recent years where the Steelers added a player in the month of June or later who played a significant role that season. The quality of play of these individuals is not the issue, but the Steelers have shown in recent years that they will add players during or following OTAs who ultimately make the 53-man roster.

On the most recent episode of The Scho Bro Show podcast, we asked the question of how many players will be on the Steelers 53-man roster Week 1 who are not currently on the Steelers 90-man offseason roster at the end of May. Because this has been the trend with the Steelers in recent years, the question was not “if” but more of a question of “how many?”.

At the end of the Kevin Colbert era as general manager of the Steelers, the team showed they would add a player in the offseason if the situation presented itself due to a need or the unavailability of another player. The prime example was the Steelers adding offensive guard Trai Turner, when they discovered David DeCastro would not be able to return from a significant foot issue.

But in recent years, Omar Khan has shown he is the type of general manager who will not stop looking to bring in competition, or a potential upgrade, at any point of the year. Even after taking over the general manager manager job in May 2022 following the major portion of free agency and the NFL draft, Khan still added Larry Ogunjobi after the retirement of Stephon Tuitt.

So how many significant pieces of the puzzle are still out there for the 2024 Pittsburgh Steelers?

Hopefully it is not a situation where the Steelers have to make an addition due to the loss of a player. And even though the Steelers seem to be content rolling into training camp with their current roster if needs be, there will likely be a significant addition before Week 1. Whether it is throughout the summer, during training camp, or just ahead of the season, it would be more surprising if the Steelers don’t add another piece than if they did.

So how many players do you think will be on the Steelers 53-man roster in Week 1 who are not currently on their roster? Make sure to vote in the Twitter/X poll below as well as leave your thoughts in the comments.


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