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Friday Night Steelers Six Pack: The real calm before the storm

It is hard to believe, but the Pittsburgh Steelers play next week, and this is just the beginning for this team. I remind myself every season to not let the games fly by, yet every year seems to flow like clockwork.

Every year I try to savor the experience more and more, and I’ll continue that this year. Enjoying the little things…Mike Tomlin’s press conference, injury reports, and the latest breaking news surrounding our beloved black-and-gold.

Okay, enough about that nonsense, time to get to the questions. Remember, state your beverage of choice, what you’re cooking, and something I also love seeing is what you might be listening to lately.

1. The Nick Bosa situation in San Francisco is pretty interesting, and also draws some serious parallels to T.J. Watt two years ago. Assuming Bosa plays, what percentage of effectiveness will he be considering he hasn’t been around the team this entire preseason/training camp?

2. The Steelers offense averaged 18.1 points per game last season. Let’s play some OVER/UNDER. What are you taking??

Average PPG: 23.1

3. With the preseason over, and the Steelers looking stellar throughout, the sportsbooks have held steady with their win totals at 8.5. This seems like easy money to bet the OVER; however, what do you see as a reasonable record for the Steelers in 2023?

4. Speaking of predictions, what is the ceiling for this team? Meaning, if everything goes their way, how many games do you think they’ll win at most?

5. Likewise, what is the floor? If injuries plague the team, and the ball bounces the other way, what is the lowest of the low?

6. It’s Labor Day weekend here in the United States, which means most have Monday off work. What is your favorite picnic food item?

That’s it for this week…next time we do this the season will be here! LET’S GO!!


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