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Friday Night Steelers Six Pack: Prepare Thyself Edition

As we settle into our new digs here at Steel Curtain Network, there are some aspects of the site which are things we did at our previous home that we are bringing over here. Will everything stick here at the our new home? No, but if it is something fans enjoy, we’ll keep doing it.

That leads us to the Friday Night Six Pack.

I’ll be honest, there have been times when this article is the absolute last thing I want to do before the weekend, but if it means something to the community, we’ll make sure we get it done.

I’ll do the honors for this first Six Pack, so here goes nothing.

As always, here are the things which you should include into your initial responses…with a twist:

  • Beverage of Choice
  • What you’re eating/have eaten
  • Song/Artist of choice

Now to the questions:

1 – Training camp is a unique situation with the Steelers, considering there are fans in attendance with phones to record camp. When it comes to the videos which will surface from camp, how do you handle seeing them? Does it get you excited? Or do you take them with a grain salt?

2 – When you think back to all the memorable entrances to training camp by players, which was your favorite?

3 – Last season the Steelers offense averaged 18.1 points per game. Yeah, it was bad. However, what would be an acceptable average in 2023, in your opinion?

4 – When you saw Alex Highsmith’s contract extension numbers, what was your initial thought?

5 – Of the following players, which one will be a pleasant surprise, and which will be a disappointment?

Calvin Austin III
Mark Robinson

6 – I’m sure there are a lot of criticisms of the current site and it’s overall functionality. It is still a work-in-progress. I’m going to open up Pandora’s box and ask for suggestions, but please know this is a request for things which are not only reasonable, but also things which will be vital for the upcoming season.



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