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Friday Night Steelers Six Pack: Go West Edition

The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming out of their bye week and are heading to the west coast to take on the Los Angles Rams. While the Steelers are preparing to “Go West,” I personally like to summon the lyrics of the music group Go West as I am often “The King of Wishful Thinking” when it comes to the Steelers and I believe we are going to see an improved team after a week off.

Let’s get to business here with the six pack of questions. You know the rules: State your beverage of choice, what you’re eating this evening, and, if you’d like, the music your listening to recently.

Let’s get to it…

1. On a good note, the Steelers are known as a team who finds success coming out of their bye week winning the next game for the last six seasons. Under head coach Mike Tomlin the Steelers are 12-4 in their first game following the bye. Do you buy into the notion of the Steelers having more of a chance to win on Sunday in Los Angeles because it is following their bye?

2. On a more sour note, the Steelers are known to come up short when traveling to the Pacific time zone despite winning in Las Vegas earlier this season. Do you buy into the notion of the Steelers not playing well this week because they are out west?

3. Assuming Diontae Johnson is activated to the 53-man roster (which seems very likely with news of Gunner Olszewski being released), who do you think will be targeted FIRST in the game on Sunday: Diontae Johnson or George Pickens?

4. In Diontae Johnson’s absence, George Pickens has really stepped up. As the natural follow up to the previous question, who gets the MOST targets on Sunday: Diontae Johnson or George Pickens?

5. What will we see first on Sunday: a Steelers touchdown, a Steelers sack of the quarterback, or a Steelers takeaway?

6. Bryan Anthony Davis revealed a new hair color on The Steelers Preview on Thursday night. What is the worst (or craziest) hairstyle or color you have ever had? (For example, I had a rat tail as a kid, a pony tail my junior year of college, and self-bleached hair my senior year of college).

As always, enjoy the ride, and HERE WE GO STEEELERS!!


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