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A Letter From the Editor: Strides are necessary for these Steelers

Whether fans want to believe it or not, the Pittsburgh Steelers are moving in the right direction. As Mike Tomlin would say, their arrow is “pointing up” as they prepare for the Houston Texans in Week 3. For those who will scream “lesser opponents” from the roof tops, this isn’t about the other team, it’s about the Steelers.

The past two games, there has been progress. Has the progress been exponential? No, it’s been more like baby steps, and at the time that was at least worth noting. In fact, I did so about a week ago. However, as the Steelers prepare for a Texans team who is scrappy, but clearly in a rebuilding mode, it is time to see something which resembles strides, not baby steps.

What does all this even look like? It depends on which side of the ball you are talking about.

Offensively, it is time to see the Steelers put together a game plan, and execute said game plan, which is built around balance. Not just a numerical statistic of number of throws vs. number of runs, but the ability to do what you want, when you want.

On top of balance, it’s time to see Kenny Pickett not get freaked out at the first sign of interior pressure and bail from the pocket. His athleticism is one of his best features, but his ability to manipulate the pocket and deliver accurate passes down the field will be key to the Steelers’ offensive success not just in Week 4, but beyond.

Defensively, the Steelers need to dominate a lesser opponent. This isn’t to take anything away from C.J. Stroud, who has the look of a very good young quarterback, and some skill position players who make the Texans a formidable opponent. However, the Texans’ offensive line is absolutely ravished with injury, especially at tackle, and the fact Kendrick Green is going to be starting should have the defense salivating at the thought.

Being able to take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses is a way for the Steelers defense to take the same type of strides fans want to see on the offensive side of the football. This isn’t to consider this game a trap, or a walk in the park, but merely to show the Steelers are capable of making serious strides as they hope to remain serious contenders not just in the AFC North, but in the AFC as well.

Time to make some strides in the right direction…


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